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Frontend Developer at Swarm Market Research AI GmbH (Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland)

The Project...

Our Philosophy at Swarm is that if you are dedicated and enjoy your work you will be rewarded with the freedom to execute the solutions necessary on your own terms.

We are looking for somebody who enjoys their work because we strongly believe that the best solutions arise from somebody that has fulfillment in what they do since they will be naturally motivated to do the best job they can.

At Swarm, we have developed the system "Pythia". Pythia is a Neural Network that gathers data from various online sources to predict future interest development of keywords customers are interested in. 
Pythia has an interface for our customers to manage and view their results. The interface is continuously updated to improve usability and enjoyment of use.

About the Role...

  • You will be working in a small team of developers
  • You will be improving an existing website
  • You will add new features to the website
  • You will ensure that the presentation of each page is of a high standard

What makes you a great fit?

  • Experience with Vue.js (2 years+)
  • Experience with UX-Design
  • Ability to design outstanding websites
  • Ability to make pages more interactive to keep the user interested
  • Good understanding of Git
  • Fluent in English

What makes you stand out?

  • Masters / PhD Degree in Computer Science / Related field
  • Advanced knowledge of Vue.js
  • Sample Websites showing your level of skill
  • Ability to work without supervision