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JavaScript Reverse Engineer at eyeo GmbH (Cologne, Germany)

What you'll do

Due to the growing number of individuals using ad blockers, some companies have developed a way around ad blocking that shows ads even if an ad blocker is present. We do our best to stop these circumvention efforts in order to keep users in charge of their browsing experience. This is where you come in: help defend user choice by contributing to one of the biggest ad blockers in the world.

During your work day, you'll be expected to

  • Reverse engineer techniques used to get around Adblock Plus
  • Develop stateless JavaScript functions and other solutions to counter these techniques
  • Keep up-to-date with current ad blocking and circumvention techniques
  • Align with internal stakeholders to combine anti-circumvention efforts

A little bit about you

  • Strong knowledge of core web technologies, especially DOM manipulation and JavaScript (ES6+)
  • Strong proficiency of browser developer tools (e.g. Chrome Developer Tools or Firefox Devtools) to analyze JavaScript code
  • Good understanding of how JavaScript engines in browsers and browser extensions work internally
  • Willingness to work in a geographically distributed agile team

It's great, but not required, if you have

  • Prior experience and contribution to open source projects
  • Knowledge and experience analyzing network traffic
  • Experience in auditing web pages (e.g. security audits, pen-testing or website accessibility audits)

Most of our developers work remotely and so can you. We’re happy to pay for a coworking space, or if you prefer, we can help you relocate closer to our offices in Cologne or Berlin.

Not sure if this is for you? Consider contributing first.

When applying, please include a code sample or, preferably, references to open source projects you’ve worked on.