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Technical Product Manager - Developers Care Team - Full Remote in Europe at Heetch

Read before applying:

We're a young company iterating over our remote culture so for now, we're only working with people in locations where the time zone is: -3 hours > Paris time zone < +3 hours

Dev Care Experience @Heetch

The top priority of our developer-driven team is to improve the productivity of other developers in the company by spotting generic needs across teams and addressing them in the most impactful way. Whether this is done by introducing a new technology or designing a creative solution to a problem shared by various teams, it's done through carefully collected feedbacks, analysis and is delivered iteratively, following closely open-source methodologies.

You can read more about our team on our blog.

From the inside, we're a caring team of engineers who share the same set of values:

  • Transparency: We discuss everything openly.
  • Team Unity: No one is left behind.
  • Move Fast: No need to demonstrate for days, do it.
  • Promulgate Knowledge: Whether it's organizational, cultural or technical, we're eager to learn!
  • It's OK to fail: Succeed together, learn together.

What will be your role?

By joining the team, you'll be in charge of shaping the foundations of our codebase by driving product development that delights our engineers. Ultimately you will enable developers to write robust code by targeting the most impactful generic or reusable solutions and removing future roadblocks.

Does it sound like you?

  • Computer science degree or other engineering degree equivalent
  • 3 years of product management
  • Experience delivering highly successful and innovative developer productivity platforms
  • Strong understanding of building scalable software solutions and complex engineering concepts
  • Ability to collaborate and communicate on a global scale with multiple engineering teams to help figure out gaps in our tooling and infrastructure and help drive solutions

What will you do?

  • Build product strategy and define end-to-end development experiences for all engineers across all of our businesses
  • Be responsible for all aspects of developer experience, from the local environment, internal tooling, libraries and open-source projects
  • Keep a laser focus on other engineering teams' productivity, efficiency, and reliability
  • Collaborate actively with a wide mix of backend engineers, mobile engineers, front-end engineers, product managers from various teams to figure out the most impacting solutions to build
  • Be a strong relay with the other PMs to keep the team aligned with the company by helping the team to understand what challenges product teams are going through, helping us to build better contextual awareness
  • Deliver love and happiness to other developers by empowering them to deliver apps and services at full pace and scale

Challenges you'll face with us

  • Build the best local environment a developer could hope for while dealing with the complexities introduced by our growth and a micro-service architecture
  • Create a simple yet powerful set of internal libraries for backend developers to help them to develop their micro-services while never impeding their ability to make their own choices
  • Work with the other PMs of the company to get a crystal clear understanding of where our stakeholders are headed, so you can understand better their needs.
  • Design generic solutions to address challenges faced by multiple teams and open-source them
  • Contribute to transitioning the backend architecture to an event-sourcing approach
  • Continuously learn through an extensive scope of technologies, from Docker to Event-Sourcing and Functional Programming to spot the most effective path to help the tech team

What's next?

  1. If your application is selected, the process will be composed of 4 steps:
  2. Non-technical interview with the Engineering Manager of your potential team (1h30)
  3. Take home assignment (~5 days deadline)
  4. Interview with your future teammates (1h)
  5. Day on site (Paris) to meet your future stakeholders

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You can also have a look at our open-source projects and contributions here.