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Engineering Manager - Payment Team at Heetch

Read before applying:

We're a young company iterating over our remote culture so for now, we're only working with people in locations where the time zone is: -3 hours > Paris time zone < +3 hours

Payment Team @Heetch

We work behind the scenes to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved in payment transactions. We are responsible for the proper handling of millions of euros across thousands of daily rides , and everyone is counting on us to deliver reliably and efficiently.

We work hand in hand with the Data, Product and Operations teams to improve our product while protecting our bankrolls and maintaining compliance and cleanliness in our accounting records:

  • Numbers, numbers everywhere.
  • We help users manage their payment methods and coupons, a crucial part of the passenger onboarding experience.
  • We make sure drivers get paid on time for their work by providing them with a seamless experience so they don’t have to worry about their money.
  • Fraudsters are like zombies, one breach, and you’ll face an army of them.
  • 1 cent can become over 9000 cents if you don’t pay attention.

Our team's values

  • Transparency: We discuss everything openly within the team. Our speak up culture is strong.
  • Remote first: Our team is fully distributed, and we work hard at that, but feel free to work from any of our offices in Paris, London, Brussels or Casablanca.
  • The courage to fail: We celebrate the wins, but more importantly we're not afraid to fail, we always learn and go again.
  • Team Unity: No one is left behind.
  • Code quality: It's not software without tests.

What will be your role?

As an Engineering Manager, you will manage a rapidly growing fully remote engineering team to build a product on a highly scalable technology stack (full microservices architecture in Golang running on top of Docker).

Does it sound like you?

  • Managing a team of people with different skills and coming from different countries and background is something you particularly enjoy
  • You feed yourself from the various interactions you can have with a variety of tech and non-tech profiles.
  • The happiness of your people is what drives you. As much as adding the best talent to the team. Retaining and hiring.
  • You continuously educate yourself and your team on unconscious biases in recruiting in order to attract diverse candidates.
  • You strive when you have to motivate, inspire and guide people.
  • You show great curiosity in building highly scalable, highly available distributed systems.
  • You're capable of handling the balance between the development of a comprehensive platform performance while being constantly delivering product improvements.

What will you do?


  • Work with engineering, product, and UX teams to facilitate project delivery by ensuring alignment and on time delivery
  • Define, implement, and oversee a flexible and effective development process to reach the team's delivery goals
  • Offer a collaborative and welcoming development environment for your team members
  • Deliver high quality, high availability, highly reliable, scalable, and secure distributed systems


  • Support and inspire an ambitious group of engineers in their career goals
  • Work with our people operations team to maintain our high performance and high morale
  • Oversee a distributed team (fully remote across Europe) of motivated engineers spanning all experience levels
  • Facilitate continuous learning and improvement for the team and its members
  • Provide technical and non-technical guidance to the team, both individually and as a group
  • Maximize team productivity and build loyalty by deeply understanding & incorporating various motivations, working styles and preferences
  • Cultivate high engagement, performance and commitment to the product through a motivational & visionary approach
  • Develop and mentor upcoming leaders and key engineers


  • Be actively involved in hiring and growing our engineering team
  • Plan and implement hiring strategies to attract talent within your team
  • Advocate for engineering and management on the blog or at social and tech events
  • Recruit outstanding technical talents from diverse backgrounds while continuously enhancing our recruiting strategies and programs

Drive changes

  • Help us grow and evolve our engineering culture
  • Work with other engineering managers to drive cultural changes across the organisation

What will be your main challenges?

  • The creation of the payment platform to reduce the number of incoming tickets and focus on the value of the team.
  • The redesign of our data model.
  • Face our big expansion in Africa and handle the complexity of different currencies and payment habits that comes with it.
  • Ease the life of one of the most central product team and its many cross-teams projects.

What's next?

If your application is selected, the process will be composed of 3 steps:

  1. Interview with your line manager (1h30)
  2. Interview with a panel of Engineering Managers (1h30)
  3. Day on site (Paris) to meet your future team and stakeholders