Senior Full-Stack Engineer at Fathom

We think it’s insane that so many people and businesses rely on notes as a primary means of remembering and sharing insights from video calls.

Notes are time consuming and stressful to create while trying to hold a conversation. Even when done well, notes are a poor solution compared to hearing something first-hand.

We started Fathom to rid us all of the tyranny of note-taking and in just over a year we’ve already accomplished a lot:

Check out our product (it’s free) and/or our 90 second demo video to learn more about the product.

After a year of heads down building, we’re looking to add a couple senior full-stack engineers to our 5-person engineering team so we can ship even faster.

We assume that you’re experienced and great at what you do so let’s instead tell you about us and what you can expect if you join us:


  • We’re smart and GSD (get shit done). You’ll work alongside our 5-person, all-senior engineering team (3 PhDs and 1 Masters in Computer Science, plus a front-end guy who can sing karaoke).
  • We embrace being fully remote. We schedule meetings sparingly and instead heavily use async comms (Slack, Notion, Loom)
  • Opportunity for impact. We’re established enough to be able to ship instead of fight fires but also early enough enough that your work will have a real impact.
  • Experienced management. You’ll work closely with our CEO who is a 2X Founder/CEO (previously started UserVoice) and who has a background in Computer Science as well as product design.
  • Great comp. We only want the best so we provide above market salaries, generous equity, and full benefits. We don’t adjust your salary based upon where you happen to live.


  • No live coding. We have no idea who thought writing code on whiteboards was a good idea but we hate it. We’re much more interested in what you’ve done and learned.
  • You’ll meet the entire team. We think it’s important that you get to meet everyone you’ll be working with.
  • No bullshit. Ask us anything you like. We’ve never understood why companies pretend they’re something that they’re not in the hiring process - you’re going to find out eventually so we’d rather you know who we are up front so we can both make sure this is a good fit for all involved.
  • Quick turnaround time. We know you have lots of options so we move fast usually in less than a week from start to finish.


We use all of the following technologies. Your knowledge of these would be helpful but you need not be familiar with all of them.

GKE, S3, Ruby/Rails/Sidekiq, Go, Electron, Typescript/TSX, Stencil, Elasticsearch, C++, Kafka, MySQL, Redis, Pusher, GitHub Actions, Docker, ArgoCD, CircleCI


Outside of the obvious technical skills, GSD mindset, and ability to thrive in a remote environment we do have a few hard requirements that you should be aware of:

  • Must speak English fluently
  • We’re open to international hires but you must be based in a time zone close to those of the mainland US.
  • You must have a number of years of production experience under your belt. We have no junior folks on our team nor the bandwidth to mentor them (yet).

Please let the company know you found this position on so we can keep providing you with quality jobs.