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Front End Lead Developer at Chatmatic

We are looking for a React expert to help us expand our feature set. We are an already thriving Messenger automation SaaS that is looking to expand. We are done freelancing the front end work and want someone who can help us evolve our vision and mission to better serve our members.

Everything from integrating with outside applications to actually working with designers to come up with the UX design. 

Our front end is built in React Native and is pretty advanced but nothing unlearnable. 
Our API is Laravel and we would like this roll to be filled by someone who can work on the front end AND the API at the same time so that we aren't having to pass things back and forth.

We have a full time back end developer who will handle the core back and end help you navigate the transition but he does't do anything on the front end. 

We are looking for someone with experience in UX implementation and helping us catch and design features that are better for our users. From error alert handling to log in issues.

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