SRE and DevOps Consultant (Remote, Full time, Growing team!) at Bitovi

 PLEASE NOTE: At this time we are not reviewing or accepting any candidates located outside the United States and Canada.  And, YES, we are still hiring!  This job post has been up for a long time, and while we've hired some new amazing team members, we're still growing.


You’re an experienced DevOps Engineer and SRE with a thorough understanding of the full CI/CD pipeline, and your current role just isn’t holding your attention. You’d thrive in an environment where you can take an abstract goal from idea to reality with little to no guidance. You’re an autonomous person who is able to efficiently manage any number of simultaneous initiatives with detailed clarity, and you want the freedom to work where you want, when you want, and with the kinds of projects you enjoy most. 

In your career so far, you’ve built: 
  • 5+ years experience in a professional cloud computing role 
  • Thorough understanding of the full CI/CD pipeline
  • Experience integrating with at least one enterprise auth system (SAML, LDAP) 
  • Experience deploying and maintaining multiple production-ready Kubernetes clusters
  • Experience deploying and maintaining enterprise applications to a Kubernetes cluster 
  • Experience in using Helm and writing Helm charts 
  • Experience in writing and publishing Docker containers 
  • Experience using and building GitOps workflows
  • Experience in writing Bash scripts and at least 2 programming languages in addition to Bash 
  • Expertise in at least two CI tools and two CD tools 

If that sounds like you, read on. We’ve got a place for you at Bitovi. 

You’ll fit in well at Bitovi if you are: 
  • Interested in development best practices 
  • Experienced in contributing to or using open source projects 
  • Flexible enough to work well autonomously or as part of a larger team 
  • Always developing new skills, trying out new technology, and testing new ideas 
  • Comfortable working with clients directly 
  • Equally at ease in a leadership or team role 


Bitovi helps companies create better software and applications. We’re driven by the desire to provide value - to our clients, to the technology community, and to our incredible team. 

Every day, we design and build a wide variety of high-profile applications built with tests, full docs, and a deployment process in place. We discuss and design architectures, review code, and research new front-end technologies. We talk to our clients directly, guiding them through the process, identifying potential problems and unknowns, and tackling challenges.  

We help one another freely. We keep a Slack channel called ask-help and it’s used constantly. We develop new skills, build better developer tools, and work on new types of projects regularly - and take the time to present at conferences, give trainings, and run meetups. We’re huge devotees of open source, and our community of developers is second to none. 

Our fully remote team consists of about 80 developers and designers located around the US and Canada, as well Brazil, UK, and Egypt. We welcome diversity and non-traditional paths into the developer profession - we want the right person, not the right collection of tech keywords. 

You can learn more about us with this short read: Hello Potential Bitovian


You’ll get to work on interesting projects in a culture that values quality over quantity and collaboration over cowboy coding. You’ll have time for regular one-on-ones with your team lead, daily stand ups and weekly scrum-based meetings, and protected time to work on presentations, articles, or other passion projects. The bulk of your day will be spent on development, and projects you might work on include: 
  • Migrating applications from on-prem to the cloud
  • Managing configuration for infrastructure and application deployments
  • Implementing and managing CI/CD pipelines
  • Architecting best-fit cloud provider, application, and tool stacks for clients
  • Using and contributing to open source projects (including internal ones)
  • Guiding clients along their DevOps journeys
  • Give and attend trainings across a variety of topics
  • Opportunities for growth in dev and team lead roles

You’ll meet with clients regularly to learn about their needs and update them on the progress of their projects. 

Pre-Covid, our development team traveled to meet with our clients in person, and we’ll be doing so again once it’s safe to travel. Travel averages 3-5 days every 10-12 weeks, and we’ll always be working with your schedule.  

You’ll have protected time each week to present at conferences, give trainings, plan and run meetups, create and maintain open source projects, and create various kinds of content in your area of expertise, with Bitovi’s full support. 


First and foremost: you’ll get to be part of a supportive, talented, amazing team who supports and challenges one another to do their most exceptional work. You’ll get to contribute to and lead a diverse array of projects, expand your skills and stature in the tech community, and build a portfolio of work you’re passionate about and proud of. 

You’ll also enjoy excellent benefits, including: 
  • Competitive salary and annual bonus opportunity 
  • Completely remote work with flexible hours 
  • 401(k) matching 
  • 4 weeks of paid vacation in addition to 7 paid holidays 
  • Health, dental, vision, and life insurance 
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave 
  • Biannual company retreats to places like Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Amelia Island (on hold during Covid, but definitely to return!) 
  • Mini virtual retreats held quarterly during Covid 


Share a resume and a thoughtful introduction that includes: 
  • Why you’re interested in this role
  • Something you recently worked on and are proud of 
  • A fun fact about yourself 
We will read your intro!

All job offers are contingent on successfully passing a background check.

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