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Sr. Programmer ASP.NET C# at topLingo Development


Full stack development: ASP.NET MVC, Framework 4.5, C#, SQL, Angular, Node, Git, Azure, WS-Fed

You are the only developer, additionally there is a dev ops and a PM/jr dev. Just 3 of us.

Full time 1099 position, remote, must have some overlap with business hours but the times you do your work is flexible. You will be tracking your project time for billing. If you refuse to track time, this won't work.

The environment is chill, but the work can be frustrating. If you like puzzles, we're good. If you want easy, clean code, this isn't it.


This is a Southern California web development company that builds and maintains custom web apps. We're a small 3 person shop, and you'd be doing projects for a major bank's marketing department and the happiest place on earth.Ā 

TheĀ position is hands on coding. You will be the only dev at this time, so please have recent experience coding full time. This is not a management position, you will not have any contact with clients.

  • -- Working closely with PM to review tasks, scope and deadlines on projects
  • -- Working with dev ops to maintain repo, set up CI, and auto deployments
  • -- Advising PM of potential risks and dependencies
  • -- Maintain and refactor legacy projects
  • -- Developing API integration and web services
  • -- Using SOILD principles in coding
  • -- Use down time to review and refactor issues you come across that aren't 'broken' but clearly bad practice.

This is a full time, remote positing for 1099.

We are a C# .net shop, the legacy projects were built in .net 2.x and are upgraded to 4.5. There are some APIs, one Core 2.1 project, the rest are 4.5 framework. Three projects have angular and node in with the .net as well, one of which is a very large form. Authentication is from an external IdP, using WS-Fed, and another external site, as well as custom internal authentication. It's delicate, so you must have an understanding of apis, authentication. The Mouse House app, frankly just needs to be rebuilt, but considering COVID, it is on hold for now.

This is a pretty laid back position in terms of management. I do not (nor want to) micro manage anyone. I will depend on you for technology recommendations and providing architecture. I will expect input, and regular progress reports, as well as communicate when you are running into blocks. I don't care if you can't figure out how to do some task or bug, I want to know about it though, so you aren't spinning wheels. I can help, I know these apps pretty well.

The hours are flexible but I'd expect you to let me know when you aren't working. Such as taking a day off for an appointment. It's always fine, but I do have deadlines and need to set client expectations based on how the work goes.Ā  We'd like some overlap during business hours for meetings, progress reports, and available for prod pushes after business hours from time to time.

Pay is every two weeks. The pay hours are set, there is no overtime and I expect honesty here. I don't track timesheet hours for pay, just for client billing, which I don't expect to be 40. I don't bill for things like lunch beaks and research. I do expect around 40 hours a week from you, some days 10 hours, some days 6 hours. I understand people want to keep going or need a break, and we are all adults. Just don't NOT work and say you are. There are 10 unpaid holidays (1099), and I will budget for vacation. Otherwise, you can expect full pay each week, as long as you are putting in the time, and checking in some work (that builds of course).

Please respond with relevant experience about your project, the team you worked with (if any) and your role in the team, what level dev you'd evaluate yourself as (mid, senior, expert). I have a dev who will be interviewing your as well, it's not a test, just a talk, don't worry. Also include any expectations you may have of a PM or DevOps, and any of the skills you may be weak on. You won't not get the job if you don't know node.js for example, but I'd like to know levels of expertise in areas. Thanks, good luck.

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