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Back-End Engineer at VoiceThread

Why work at Voicethread?

Our platform enables people to communicate better, to learn better, and to listen better. It's not a marketing slogan. There's already a great deal of research that’s been published demonstrating the effectiveness of VoiceThreading in teaching and learning, however we think that education is the tip of the iceberg. Asynchronous online communication is almost universally text only and we are quite sure that’s going to change. Somebody just needs to make the experience usable enough and we’re well positioned to make that happen.

The platform is already in production use by thousands of universities and schools around the world, including a large percentage of the very best.

Position Summary

You will work with other engineers and other stakeholders to:

...maintain and refactor existing PHP code to make it more reliable, secure, and efficient.

...plan and implement new API capabilities that meet everyone's needs.

...continuously improve our processes to make them as humane and effective as possible.

Personal Qualifications

We are definitely looking for a 1X Engineer. We value character highly. Humility, hard work, and a sense of humor can often solve problems where naked intelligence falls short, as well as make you someone that is a pleasure to work with. We seek to foster and maintain a company culture of curiosity, sharing, and performing for each other. To accomplish this goal it must first be valued by everyone.


You have experience:

...working in a Unix environment.

...developing, deploying, and testing API integrations with other platforms and web services.

...gaining a deep understanding of internet infrastructure and protocols.

You should:

...approach problems with curiosity, flexibility, and persistence.

...have strong written and spoken English language skills.

...communicate openly and often.

It would be a plus if you have:

…hands-on experience maintaining large services at scale.

…deep knowledge or existing experience with OAuth web flows.

...some experience with mentoring

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