Full Stack Engineer (Mid-level - Python/JavaScript) at Night Market

Who We Are:

Night Market’s mission is to break down siloes between consulting, advertising and ecommerce to bring brands to the forefront of digital commerce, employing data and platform intelligence that provides greater insight into the consumer purchase journey and informs sustainable growth in an evolving ecommerce-first world. We aim to help advertisers gain a better understanding of the changing eCommerce landscape and ignite innovation around ways to integrate eCommerce strategies into their plans. Our core difference lies at the intersection of media and eCommerce optimization, providing data-driven insights that inform brands’ entire eCommerce strategy to drive desired business outcomes.

At Night Market, we understand the value that different perspectives can bring to our clients and culture, so we strive for an environment where our employees feel welcomed, safe and empowered. We value YOU and believe that your authentic voice and unique perspective allows us to create a more rewarding culture, and experience, together.

Our simple recipe for success? We hire talented people (thinkers, doers, dreamers, makers), challenge them and give them every opportunity to grow.

Job Summary:

Searching for a highly motivated individual to elevate and maintain our marketing data science offering, within the Technology and Data Innovation team at Night Market, a Horizon Media company.

Able to create fully fledged front-end components and webpage using React, Material-UI, redux, and JavaScript, CSS/HTML also a plus; from scratch or by building off existing work. Will contribute to design session and help architect future product features, write technical design from spec doc, contribute to design working sessions

Competent complex python code author and/or editor of existing python code bases; and designing, editing and iterating using MySQL and Redis databases

Past experience coding, iterating and displaying full-coverage unit-tests (>90%) for features that you develop. Ability to write code control to spec, and with enough quality to pass internal code reviews, and able to conduct similar code reviews in return. Role requires ability to successfully complete JIRA ticket and SPRINT life cycles. Role requires ability to size, scope and provide time/effort estimations needed to complete JIRA tickets properly, while providing accurate and realistic timeline for future feature development

Role will require thought and product development leadership for the creation new and existing statistical models, aimed at driving the maximum return, budget savings, and optimal business results for our clients. Role will also require hands-on programming skills, able to develop and edit financial models, and possess a creative mindset.

In addition to the technical aspects required, it will involve cultivating and maintaining effective working relationships with a variety of parties including the clients, internal NM stakeholders, 3rd-party vendors, and operational areas within the broader Horizon Media company. This is a high growth and visibility role in a highly dynamic and fast paced industry.

What You’ll Do / Responsibilities

  • Frontend Development:
  • React, Material-UI, Redux, JavaScript
  • Through understanding of React and it’s core principles, know how to write page and component from scratch
  • Experience in using Material-UI, know how to use and customize UI component
  • Experience in using Redux, know how to do state management on the client side
  • Experience in using API, know how to query for data, do data formatting, and data visualization
  • Experience in using JavaScript, async coding style, promise chain, aysnc/await
  • Understand CSS/HTML fundamentals and DOM manipulation and JavaScript, can customize components when needed

Backend Development:

  • Python, Flask, SQL, Redis, PyTest
  • Experience in using Python, both in writing script style code and OOP style code
  • Know how Flask server work and can create RESTful endpoints, experience in Redis or other in-memory caching technology a plus
  • Know how to write SQL and know how to do CRUD operation on MySQL database
  • Understand basic database concept like primary key, external ID, auto increment
  • Know how to write unit-test in python, understand test cases, can write test-plan for entire feature, experience with PyTest a plus


  • PI, JSON, GCP, SQL Alchemy, Beautiful Soup
  • Understand RESTful server architecture and know how to create API with JSON
  • Know the basic layout of GCP, know how to use the basic services in GCP, experience in deploying to cloud server a plus
  • Know how web scraper work, can write scraper using Beautiful Soup, can scrape Amazon, Walmart, and other online retailers

Development Experience:

  • Software Design, GitHub, Postman, Visual Studio Code, JIRA
  • Understand general software design pattern, can create technical design from product requirement
  • Know how to use source control to create branch, write code, create pull request, receive code review, update branch, and merge branch
  • Know to use professional IDE, know how to do code debugging using IDE
  • Know the general SCRUM life cycle, understand SPRINT life cycle, know how JIRA ticket is assigned and resolved
  • Know how to create pull request, receive code review, and give code receive

Who You Are:

  • Independently motivated to develop, deliver and iterate on increasingly better SaaS based products, at the intersection of media and eCommerce data
  • Comfortable with project and product development an integral member of a collaborative team
  • Very comfortable communicating and collaborating remotely via video & audio chat
  • Hold an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or higher
  • At least 8 years of full-time paid work experience in software engineer role

At least ~2 years experience in:

  • React and/or Material UI Conducting out statistical analysis
  • Python & SQL
  • Able to juggle multiple tickets/tasks/requests at the same time
  • Willing to attend requisite meetings during the work week, as determined by leadership
  • Adhere to ticket estimation and timelines, promptly voice any issue or concerns
  • Comfortable answering questions reliably and truthfully; and not afraid to admit mistakes, or admit when wrong
  • Keen attention to detail and data integrity

Preferred Skills & Experience:


  • React, Material-UI, Redux, Javascript, CSS/HTML
  • Python, Flask, SQL, Redis, PyTest
  • PI, JSON, GCP, SQL Alchemy, Beautiful Soup
  • Software Design, GitHub, Postman, Visual Studio Code, JIRA, SQL databases, database architecture

The statements herein are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees and are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified. Furthermore, they do not establish a contract for employment and are subject to change at the discretion of the employer.

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