Senior Software Engineer, Front End at Stardog Union

The "Suite" of Stardog front end tools serves as the face of our Platform and is comprised of Stardog Studio and Stardog Explorer. Studio provides an IDE-like experience for developers to execute and debug queries and manage Stardog itself while Explorer provides non-technical users a way to search, browse, and explore their Knowledge Graph. Next up is a new tool that will let architects and other subject matter experts visually design and build their Knowledge Graph from the ground up.

We're looking for Senior Engineer to join the team and help design and build the future of the face of Stardog.

Our stack is written with Typescript using React, so we're expecting you to be familiar with those technologies. Bonus points if you're familiar with Node.js, Redux, Cypress, and Webpack. Even more of a bonus if you know Sass, or just have some background in UX and design and are familiar with tools like Figma or Sketch.

No degree? No problem. Having a piece of paper with some fancy words on it like "Computer Science" is great, but not a requirement. You can be an engineer without an engineering degree. What we're looking for is an experienced engineer of 7 or more years who will come in, work hard, and be passionate about solving our user's problems. We are looking for real engineering work in your past. Not simply building a website, but designing and creating applications.

We are a remote-first company. You should be comfortable with, and have experience working remotely. You must have strong communication skills as much of our interactions will be over email, chat, and PR where it's harder to get your point across. Most of the team is in the EST (UTC-5) time zone, so the closer the time zone alignment, the better.

We will expect to see code! Don't be shy about sharing your work. You can even check out some of ours.

And if you want to see what you'll be working on, check out Explorer. If you want to learn about the kinds of scale challenges we're building for, read about our Trillion Edge graph. And If you are curious about what it's like to work here, check out a post from our CTO and co-founder that talks about our culture, or read the engineering team's blog.

Lastly, you'll get great benefits, a yearly continuing education stipend, flexible PTO options, and the ability to work whenever and wherever you prefer.

When we chat, be prepared to talk in-depth about what you've built, and why you love engineering; we love getting into the details. Don't feel the need to memorize the quicksort algorithm, we know you look it up on Stackoverflow like the rest of us.

Please let the company know you found this position on so we can keep providing you with quality jobs.