Technical Project Manager at Lightmatter

Why Are We Hiring?

We pride ourselves on shipping software that makes its way to real users, but that doesn't happen without careful management of time, energy, and focus. We need capable Technical Project Managers to ensure that we stay on track and build the right things at the right times.

More About The Role

As a Technical Project Manager at the company, you'll work directly with clients to help them and our development team understand what we're looking to accomplish. You will work with our Creative Director and CTO to help put together estimates and plans around execution as well as our Developers and Designers to ensure we execute deliverables at a high quality. Technical Project managers act as the facilitator between our clients and our dev and design team and as the record keepers capturing decisions and accomplishments.

This is definitely a "lots of hats" role, as it's focused on keeping clients happy, developers motivated, and executives bought into your project plan. Because of the variety of clients we work with, we can offer a tremendous amount of exposure to different companies, tech platforms, and project structures.

For more information about how we run our Sprints and manage our SDLC, read our company Playbook.

Specific Qualifications

  • A strong bias for action and ability to distill a discussion into tangible goals. Clients, Developers, and Designers often have ideas and goals they'd like to achieve but not necessarily the right skills or knowledge to articulate exactly how to do so. Project Management at our company is about being a coach, an educator, and someone who can make sense of the chaotic nature of developing software.
  • You have spent some time freelancing independently, whether as a side hustle or full time. Almost everyone on our team has been an individual freelancer at one point and understands the value of all the “work” outside of the actual deliverable for the client: excellent communication, professionalism, punctuality, and follow through.
  • Understand that companies of different sizes, industries, and markets have different communication needs and ways to run projects. You’re aware of how to scope and manage a project when a founder is anxiously launching an MVP, when a fast growing startup needs a dependable and consistent software roadmap, and when an enterprise company is going through a legacy transformation.
  • Great communication skills and a willingness to do some "boring" box checking around documenting what happens and sending out ritualized emails to inform and update team members. This kind of expectation shaping has outsized effects on the project and how people remember it.
  • You understand Agile development philosophies and can implement processes where appropriate to support making projects and sprints consistently successful.
  • You understand the principles of good estimation and can guide teams to provide these estimates to both technical and non-technical clients.
  • You are able to navigate technical conversations such that you can ask follow-up questions and ensure information is communicated to the right people.


Our company does not offer equity as we’re not a venture backed startup. However, there’s the possibility in the future of profit sharing for our employees split at year’s end based on tenure.

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