Research and Development SDET Research Team at GrammaTech, Inc.


GrammaTech’s Research Division is constantly working to transition techniques for software analysis and transformation from academic research to industrial practice. As R&D SDET you will work with multiple teams on multiple projects. You will build and maintain a rapid and reliable CI/CD environment spanning multiple operating systems, leveraging on-premise and cloud resources, and deploying to open-source packages and commercial products. You will be responsible for the software development environment for a team that builds new software-security and software-development tools.


  • Create and maintain infrastructure supporting software building, testing, and deployment integrated into GrammaTech’s GitLab-based development environment
  • Improve the efficiency of CI/CD processes, shortening the developer dev-test turnaround
  • Simplify dependency management and build processes, easing developer ramp-up
  • Work closely with other members of the development team
  • Propose, implement, and evaluate security-focused software analysis and testing
  • Participate fully in Agile/Scrum processes to ensure smooth and efficient development



  • Strong experience with
    • containerization tools such as Docker
    • container orchestration tools such as Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Amazon ECS
    • cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCE
  • Linux system-administration experience (at the command-line level)
  • Experience with distributed version control systems such as Git or Mercurial
  • Experience with continuous deployment/continuous integration systems such as TravisCI, GitHub pipelines, or GitLab CI
  • Programming experience in Python and C/C++


  • Understanding of compiler design
  • Understanding of low-level executable file formats, instruction set architectures, and their execution
  • Experience using Static and/or Dynamic Analysis
  • Reverse-engineering or malware-analysis techniques
  • Experience testing Machine Learning systems


  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience

GrammaTech, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Disability/Veterans/Affirmative Action employer.
Members of underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.

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