Senior Scala Engineer at Virtasant Inc

The client is building a data pipeline - they have a service connecting on to AWS that sends pop-ups messages to another service that parses these messages, then to another service that will dump it and do a big query. They are currently working on the download from S3 and the parsing.

They need to create a new service profile - Scala or Java code - which will involve a lot of rewriting and refactoring without disrupting the business. There is old YAML code that needs to be updated extensively, and it might seem a little boring to start, but after that work is done, this position will evolve into more of a lead role with a possible team (of 5?) under them.

All Kubernetes-based Scala microservices - only really the ingestion piece to start. Terraform for automation. Mid-level developer.

YAML - lots of YAML (programming language)

Kubernetes & GCP (understanding of the infrastructure, but doesn’t have to be an expert)

Microservices architecture

Java/Scala (preferred) using Finagle framework- only a little bit

The engagement will be 6-12 months long, 1099 contract, full-time, US ONLY, Overlap 3-4 hours with PST. Reach me at

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