Backend Engineer at Density

At Density, we build one of the most advanced people sensing systems in the world. The product and infrastructure is nuanced and one-of-a-kind. Building this product for scale has been an exercise in patience, creativity, remarkable engineering, laser physics, global logistics, and grit.

The team is thoughtful, driven, and world-class. Density systems are real-time, accurate, and anonymous by design. We help today’s largest companies understand how their buildings get used. We have counted hundreds of millions of people. Counting people in “real-time” is unique and particularly hard to achieve. It allows a user to walk into a room, beneath our sensor, and see the room’s occupancy increment 700ms later.

Today alone, Density will ingest over 1m events. In the coming year, our sensor network is on track to grow ten-fold. The overall system load is exploding. Maintaining our low latency standards requires an increasingly thoughtful system. We’re architecting infrastructure where annual, unscheduled downtime is measured in minutes. We’re building intelligent redundancies so missed events are an oddity.

We’re constructing an exceptional engineering team to support always-on, intelligible analytics generated on the fly. As a Backend Engineer at Density, you will be joining not only a team, but a company, that highly values you and the work you do.

This role reports to our Director of Software Engineering. You can read our values here.

What we're looking for:

    • You have 5+ years experience shaping highly scalable enterprise systems. Or can demonstrate similar proficiency.
    • You have a command of technologies like Time Scale DB, Redis, Kafka, Postgres, AWS, Django, and Python.
    • You have architected complex data pipelines, APIs, and data delivery mechanisms.
    • You have had significant senior responsibility for monitoring, profiling and improving system performance.
    • You have demonstrated the ability to navigate the nuanced needs of internal tools and customer facing systems.
    • You can balance a demanding workload, discern priorities, and communicate tradeoffs effectively.
    • You are resourceful, direct, helpful, driven, and mission-oriented.
    • You have an understanding of statistical analysis and trend data modeling.
    • You have worked with container orchestration technologies like kubernetes or nomad.
    • You embrace the opportunity to share your knowledge.
    • You have a working knowledge of front end technologies like ES6, React, and Redux.
    • You have an excitement for and ability to interact directly with customers.
    • You have an awareness of your weak spots and a genuine desire to improve.
    • You’re looking for a long-term role with a company that has long-term ambition.

What we bring:

    • A team hailing from places like Apple, Meraki, HashiCorp, Stanford, NASA, and beyond.
    • $100M from investors such as Kleiner Perkins, Founders Fund, and Upfront Ventures.
    • A work environment full of fun, smart, dedicated, and kind teammates.
    • Our principles - Be Humble, Seek Feedback, and Solve the Fundamental Problem.
    • Excellent health benefits including medical, dental, vision, mental, reproductive, and active. Mandatory PTO and more.

We are looking for candidates who are strong in several areas and have exposure to or interest in the others. Most of all, we are looking for candidates who see themselves as a meaningful addition to Density’s team and culture.

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