Drupal Developer - Tech Lead at Portland Webworks

As a Tech Lead for Drupal Development, you know the ins and outs of the latest versions of Drupal and the background of how the current functionality got to where it is today. You know the capabilities and limitations of Drupal and how to set a team up for success while avoiding the common road-bumps. You know what modules work for various situations, and when it’s time to dig into a custom module.

> About Us

We’re a small company of overachieving consultants, taking on big challenges for our clients. We build web applications and application solutions for a wide range of clients, with a focus on the public sector. We use a team-based approach, with teams consisting of designers, software developers, quality assurance engineers and project managers. This allows us to provide the full lifecycle of project delivery to clients from initial concept consulting to final implementation.

> About You

You are capable of navigating multiple projects in various stages of development. You like a dynamic environment where sometimes you’ll be focussed on new green-field projects, other times feature development on in-progress projects and other times maintenance efforts. You are up-to-date with what is new with Drupal 8 and 9, but you haven’t forgotten Drupal 7. You know the core APIs and have a good awareness of the go-to external modules. Experience with decoupled or headless implementations is a plus.

You love taking (sometimes ambiguous!) client requirements and translating them into Drupal best-practice patterns. You can help less experienced developers find the right ways of doing things, and you are just as happy churning out deliverables yourself. You have great communication skills, good attention to detail and a strong sense of high-quality product.

High-quality to you means:

  • well aligned to internal designs and to the client’s vision
  • a clean and reliable user experience
  • high levels of accessibility
  • consistency both within the current project and with industry best practices
  • highly testable and tested
  • reusable to enable increased efficiency in the future
  • maintainable both from a development perspective, and also from a client perspective

Our projects are centered around our teams. We do more than speak the Agile lingo, we strive for a truly agile culture. A background of working with Scrum or Kanban is a plus but what’s really most important is having experience and willingness to work in a highly collaborative team setting. An important part of our team focus involves being able to coordinate work with the rest of the team. A valuable skill is being able to identify large blocks of functionality from requirements and design artifacts and break them down into suitable features and tasks.

As much as you have an eye for detail, you have an eye on the future. Application development is constantly evolving so we’re looking for someone to bring some new skills and capabilities to our existing teams. Whether you have an opinion on some of the emerging light-weight CMSs or have A/B testing experience to bring a more data driven approach to decision making we value the unique perspectives you can bring to our existing teams.

> Our Why

We strive for excellence in everything we do. We value wisdom, curiosity, and a sense of fun.

Our work is meaningful. From providing easier and better ways for citizens to access state government information and programs aiding in a more informed and better served populace, to keeping pets and animals safe through registration and welfare tracking, to making vaccines available to people most in need- our software often has a direct benefit to people we’ll never meet.

We are also very dedicated to the people within our organization. We are proud to be consistently named one of Maine’s "Best Places to Work".

The benefits that we offer include:

  • 100% Paid health and dental benefits for employees
  • Health Reimbursement Account (to minimize out of pocket costs)
  • Flexible Spending and Dependent Care Accounts
  • Company matching retirement plan
  • Annual profit sharing
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Up to 25 days paid vacation
  • Free parking (you will love Old Port parking)
  • Friday happy hours

> Learn more about us!
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