Freelance C++ or C# Developer for Cordova Plugin Application (1 Month Contract) at Neptune Software

Smart Card Project


Neptune Software is a low-code platform that specializes in creating applications across all devices using Cordova. We need to develop a plugin that can access data held on a smart card through the smart card middleware’s C or Java APIs. The plugin should be callable from a Cordova application as per this tutorial.

 We already have sample C and Java apps that achieve the needed functionality, but we need to incorporate their code into a Windows Cordova application. Doing so requires creating a Windows Runtime Component (C++ or C#) that communicates with the smart card’s middleware via C and Java APIs.  This Windows Runtime Component is really the plugin that is called by the Neptune Software Application. Ideally the code will look as follows on the client-side:

let certificate = window.getCertificateFromSmartCard();

 We want to be able to acquire the signature from the smart card in order to sign PDF documents. “Signing” here means to grab the smart card’s certificate and post it to a database along with the PDF. Also, we must acquire and list all other data on the smart card. All operations are “read-only” from the smart card.

 Expectations and Goals:

  • Deliver a Windows application that can successfully access all information available on the smart card through the APIs.
  • Work closely with a Neptune employee, demonstrate the application to him and explain how it works.
  • Deliver project under 1 month.

Required Experience and Demonstrable Skills:

  • Senior developer
  • Experienced in C++/C# and Windows Development
  • Experience making a Cordova Plugin
  • Fluent in English

 Resources Provided by Neptune Software:

  • We will send you the ActivClient SDK (smartcard middleware libraries).
  • You will work closely with a project manager from the Neptune Software team who is experienced in web development. This person will be your resource for everything Neptune Software related and guide the development.

 Resources to be Purchase by You and Reimbursed by Neptune Software:

 Resources Required:

  • Windows Laptop running Visual Studio 2017 Edition.

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