Technical Product Marketing Lead at Canonical

This is a leadership role for an expert in technical product and technology company messaging, who is also an organiser and mentor by nature. You will need a love of the written word, a strong personality, and an ability to organise across a large team to be successful in this endeavour.

The responsibility encompasses:

  • Canonical company and product messaging leadership
  • Leadership of product messaging by all product managers
  • Development of standards and processes for product content
  • Mentoring and development of content skills in the product team
  • Coordination with development, marketing, sales, and field teams

The successful candidate will act as a chief-of-staff for content in our team of product managers, helping each product manager to plan and execute their content strategy. This requires leadership, mentoring and the ability to assess and exercise judgement over the quality and productivity of product managers from a content perspective. This person will represent product management to the marketing team, acting as primary sponsor of all product-related media, messaging and communications.

The successful candidate will be multi-talented, with:

  • Proven ability to write about technology and the tech landscape
  • Familiarity with open source and the major technology platforms
  • A technical or science background and qualifications
  • Proven leadership and presentation skills
  • Personal interests aligned with the field
  • Awareness of Ubuntu and Canonical competition and opportunities

We prefer graduate professionals who want to become business executives and entrepreneurs. A passion for the business of tech will likely be a key motivation for the successful candidate. Product leadership meet every day to discuss Canonical's product strategy as a whole and the details of individual products. It is an intense team to be on, with high expectations and a challenging requirement for technical, business and marketing insights.

Our mission is to bring the benefits of open source to the widest commercial and community audience, across the widest range of form factors and computing categories. We aspire to the the primary platform for compute in the 21st century as open source becomes the default approach to shared software development and operations. Our customers are the worlds largest companies in every sector, yet we also aim to inspire individual technologists, entrepreneurs and innovators to embrace open source the Canonical way as their platform of choice. The successful candidate will require the skill and insights needed to speak to that wide range of audiences in a compelling fashion.


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