Remote Software Engineer Internship at HENNGE K.K.

Please note that this program is part of the pre-hiring process, those interested in seeking a career in Japan will be at a significant advantage.

Join us for a unique four-week remote internship with HENNGE, that will offer you both personal and professional development opportunities. Experience working remotely in a Japanese company that prides itself on cultivating an internationally diverse culture. You will work alongside our experienced Cloud Product Development engineers with a dedicated mentor.

In the HENNGE's Remote Global Internship Program (rGIP), you will acquire practical application development skills using Python and Go. rGIP will give you hands-on experience using state-of-the-art cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to develop applications. Japanese is not required as English is our primary language.

More details about the remote internship program here: Web page
More details about the technology stack for this internship program here: Web page
More details about HENNGE here: Web page

[ Internship duration ]

4 weeks (from 10 AM until 7 PM from Monday to Friday)

[ Remote batches ]

  • Batch 1
    January 17 - February 11, 2022
    10AM - 7PM JST, 4 Weeks
  • Batch 2
    March 14 - April 8, 2022
    10AM -7PM JST, 4 Weeks

For more information regarding our internship slots, please check our website

[ Internship flow ]

Week 1 & 2 - Fullstack Training
Week 3 & 4 - DevOps Training

4 weeks of remote internship

[ What you will get ]

  • Insights into how a leading Cloud Security company develops its product from start to finish from experiencing it for yourself.
  • An understanding of how to deploy a web application natively on a cloud platform
  • Experience developing web applications
  • To attend company events (Monthly Technical Sessions, Board Game Night, and many others!)
  • Get to know teams across divisions
  • For candidates living Japan, subsidy for living and commuting expenses and a PC will be provided.

[ Qualifications ]

  • At least second-year of university completed or fresh graduate with BS, MS, or Ph.D. in Computer Science or a related area of study
  • Experience in systems, software, and/or algorithms
  • Knowledge of Unix/Linux environment
  • Proficiency with Python or Go
  • Familiarity with TCP/IP and network programming
  • Fluency in English (Japanese is not required)

[ Residency Requirements ]

All candidates within reasonable time zones ( ± 4hrs JST) are considered.

[ Application Period ]

Batch 1: November 11 - Dec 17, 2022

Batch 2: November 11 - Feb 11, 2022

We will be accepting applications to be in the 2022 Spring batch from November 11.

  • There is no time limit for the challenge and solving time will not be considered in the screening process. The application process must be completed by Dec 17, 2021 | Feb 11, 2022 to be considered for the 2022 Spring batch 1 and batch 2 respectively. Please note that applicants who submit their challenge after the deadline may not be eligible for the aforementioned batches.
  • This remote internship is only available for those who live within 4-hour time differences with JST.

[ Application Procedures ]

  1. HENNGE Admission Challenge
  2. Screening Process
  3. Online Interview

Notice for Spring Batch 1 and 2 (2022) Applicants

The internship slots for Batch 1 and 2 (2022) are limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Our team will review applications on a rolling basis and so it is in your best interest to apply early. The deadline for Batch 1 and 2 (2022) is Dec 17 and Feb 11 respectively. Applications will be closed after the slots have been filled. Solving time will not be considered during the screening process.

[ HENNGE Admission Challenge ]


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