Mobile Flutter Engineer, Fully Remote at Superformula

We are hiring a Flutter Engineer on our mobile hospitality team. You’ll work on building out new experiences for customers as well as iterating on the existing flutter components to match what has been outlined by our experienced Design team.

The work you produce must be well documented because it will be consumed and tested by external teams. And you should be comfortable working closely with other experienced engineers and have a patient understanding of requirements bound to PCI compliance, gaming regulations, and securely handling PII.

We are looking for someone who is kind, fair, flexible, and calm. Here are some real examples of the work you will be doing:

  • Following a scrum agile approach to keep dev tasks planned, groomed, and sized
  • Testing flutter components on multiple form factors and platforms from mobile to web
  • Integrate monitoring tools and analytics to help maintain features that you release
  • Collecting and documenting research that can be used to influence stakeholder’s opinions
  • Write unit, snapshot, and integration test and reporting the results in a consumer-friendly manner
  • Building custom plugins for integration with native SDKs
  • Dealing with nuances across mobile and web platforms
  • Evolving our reliable and robust component examples for designers and developers
  • Educating other developers about your work thru well-documented specifications and screen-captured videos
  • Upgrading to the latest versions of Flutter, testing what works and what doesn't, and potentially reverting back

This is just a snapshot of what occurs on a daily basis. We expect your experience to merge and enhance ours! You can expect to teach, motivate, and guide and expect this to be reciprocated.

* Denotes a must-have

  • Minimum 1 year of Flutter experience in a production environment*
  • Minimum 4 years of mobile software development experience


  • Ability to take ownership of work items and help cultivate new ones with a Product-first mindset*
  • Passionate understanding of automation testing and CI/CD tooling*
  • Domain-driven design experience within distributed systems*
  • GraphQL & REST API concepts and implementation patterns
  • Cloud-native / managed services exposure
  • Experience with event-driven system architectures


  • Flutter*
  • Dart*


  • XCode/Android Studio/VS Code
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Familiarity with Rest APIs*
  • Apple Store Connect
  • Google Play Console
  • Familiarity with GraphQL queries
  • Exposure to E2E testing tools

About you:

We are looking for an experienced candidate who's ready to help lead new mobile features to get developed. You must have a proven record of working with large-sized teams shipping production-quality code.

There is a lot to be responsible for and own. You will not know the answers to everything so it is critical that you have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and that you understand how these skills help you to stay resourceful and take initiative.

This is a remote job. Our team spans several timezones and knowing how to close loops without losing days in between is easier because your level of organization helps those around you stay close. So if you live on the West Coast you are happy to work early hours in order to build strong bonds with those in other regions. You are driven to work with people across the globe and are respectful and courteous to backgrounds and circumstances while promoting a healthy sense of urgency because after all, you love to ship top-flight products. And you understand that the best product of all is a well cultivated and positive culture amongst those you appreciate calling your Team.

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