Senior Software Engineer, CRM Backend at HubSpot

About the team

The HubSpot CRM is an ambitious and complex platform. Backend teams work collaboratively with their frontend teams to understand customer problems and build productized solutions to work across web and mobile clients. We don’t have any dedicated QA or DevOps teams - this is by design. Our engineering teams take full responsibility - for writing, building and deploying to production - quality code, with automated testing and monitoring. HubSpot has a world-class developer tooling and infrastructure platform to make this process seamless, allowing us to deploy to production on average 5,000 times per day.

We’re looking for individuals that:

  • Have years of experience consistently delivering high value, high impact, and often cross-team projects. Staff and Principal Engineers are the most senior individual contributors at HubSpot, They are leaders that continually strive to raise the bar for the engineering organization as a whole.
  • Break down large complex projects and collaborate with individuals and other teams to successfully deliver solutions for our customers.
  • Partner with engineering and product leadership to identify issues that need to be prioritized and addressed.
  • Foster an environment that encourages autonomy and psychological safety
  • Understand the value of building a diverse team, and are champions and upstanders for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging initiatives.
  • Enjoy mentoring, coaching and delivering feedback to other team members in a psychologically safe way, while also being open to learning from them as well
  • Are strong engineers interested in writing in the Java ecosystem
  • Understand that their job is not about implementing pre-written requirements, but collaboratively figuring out exactly what is required to add value to our customers and their businesses, and owning the end-to-end solution
  • Consistently work to deliver reliable, performant, well-tested code
  • Have a thirst for technical challenges with big data and distributed systems at a massive scale, leveraging, including technologies such as HBase, Kafka, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, GraphQL and Dropwizard
  • Demonstrate pragmatic decision making and problem-solving abilities
  • Have a customer-centric attitude and develop opinions about the HubSpot product

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