PHP & MySQL & HTML/CSS & JS Developers at Retail E Commerce Ventures LLC

Retail E Commerce Ventures LLC is seeking highly skilled and experienced
PHP & MySQL & HTML/CSS & JS Developers

Required skills include:

    Fluent or near-fluent spoken and written English is a must have requirement so you can communicate with the world-wide team

    Basic PHP, Operators, Syntax
    Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
    Functions, Functional Programming
    Miscellaneous: Security, Arrays/Loops

    Joins, Queries
    Grouping, Aggregate Functions, HAVING Clause
    Subqueries, EXISTS, IN Operators
    Miscellaneous: Foreign Key, UNION Operator

    CSS Selectors, Specificity
    Layout: Box Model, Flexbox, Grid
    Miscellaneous: Responsive Design, HTML Tags

    General JavaScript, JavaScript in Browsers
    JavaScript Objects, Arrays
    Functions and Scope, Passing by Reference vs. by Value

Position is a sub-contractor placement.
This is a work from home placement.
This is not an entry level position.
Salary commensurate with experience and location.

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