Senior QA Engineer at Motosumo ApS

The job

Our current solution is built on a React Native app for iOS and Android, and a React.js web front-end with game components developed in Unity. Our backend is based on Python, Elixir, Redis, PostgreSQL, and deployed with Docker, Chef and ECS on AWS. Our integration tests are written in Cypress and Appium.

Our tech department consists of nine developers (or at least it will after you have been hired), and is split between two four-person teams: the Live Experience team, and the Activation and Subscriptions team. You will be part of the Live Experience team, together with our experienced and dedicated full-stack and front-end developers. The team is responsible for creating a fun, interactive and engaging livestream experience that will keep our users coming back for more, with features like games and 3D races, live leaderboards, and seamless two-way interactions between instructor and user. 

Due to the interactive and dynamic nature of our livestreams, the job will involve a number of unique challenges. The data we present literally changes second to second, and transitions and animations are a core part of the experience.The user will often be interacting with our product through both our web app (and in the future, Apple TV and smart tv apps) and our mobile app. This mix of live data and multiple interacting components presents some unique challenges for test automation. We hope you’re up for the challenge!

The team also manages the build processes for a number of important components, including our mobile apps and some backend stuff, so we hope you will help to take an active role in maintaining and improving these integral parts of our infrastructure

Who you are

You are an experienced QA engineer with a passion for delivering quality software and an intimate knowledge of the techniques and practices surrounding test automation. Your addition to the team will be essential for ensuring that our customers get a superb experience with our product, every time. 

Maintaining our manual tests will be part of your job, so it is important that you are skilled and well-versed in test automation for both mobile and web. Experience with writing tests in JS using the Appium and Cypress frameworks is a big plus. We also maintain a battery of pure backend integration tests written in python, and while these tests are not the biggest test automation challenge in this job, it would be awesome if you were comfortable helping to maintain these tests, too.

You’ll also be up to the challenge of maintaining our build pipelines. For our web apps, that involves tweaking AWS Amplify config files and writing bash scripts, on top of the actual integration testing. For our mobile apps, the builds run on CircleCI, and you will need to be familiar with both Gradle, for android, and Fastlane for the iOS app build.

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