C++ Software Engineer - CAD at Zuru Tech Italy

Zuru Tech is digitalizing the construction process of buildings all around the world. We have a multi-national team developing the world’s first digital building fabrication platform: you design it, we build it!

In our disruptive offices in Modena and Milan we’re developing Dreamcatcher, a BIM software meant for both the general public and architects with the power to design and manufacture any type of building. By mixing Unreal Engine’s real time rendering with the best structural simulation algorithms and state-of-the-art automated manufacturing processes we grant our users complete creative freedom and an astonishing RTX-powered graphical fidelity. 

We all believe our product to be extraordinary and as a tech-focused company we’re looking for extraordinary people too. Whether your interest drives you towards real time graphics, structural engineering or industry 4.0, whether you’re a juggernaut when it comes to sheer knowledge or you’re a natural born leader capable of managing, training and inspiring other developers, we will use everything you have and reward you for it.

What are you going to do?

First of all you’ll be part of a big team of brilliant engineers, with many different specialties: coding, graphics, artists, UI/UX design and machine learning devs.

You’ll work in our exciting R&D department counting 40+ developers and software engineers among Modena and Milan. During the first 1-3 months you’ll be brought up to speed with our coding style, automated testing pipelines and agile workflow.

According to your field of expertise, you can choose your area of focus and work with freedom and responsibility on product-oriented teams.

The tasks are plenty, diverse and challenging and: from CAD interactions and user interface implementation, to graphics optimization and continuous integration topics, graphics engine low-level changes (Unreal Engine 4), vector graphics, 3D geometry processing, procedural programming and modeling, computational geometry algorithms, CAM tool path generation, software architecture, real-time rendering, procedural assembly instructions generation and even more!

In our SCRUM-based methodology everyone is free to suggest solutions and improvements on all fronts. In Zuru Tech every dev is called to stay up-to-speed with new technologies to make sure we don’t miss out on game-changing opportunities and the enjoyment of our work. 

Finally, you’ll interact with the talented UX/UI Designer team (Italy) and many other efficient teams from our offices in India and China.

What we offer

You’ll work in a fun, young and modern environment with huge talent density and knowledgeable colleagues. You’ll get the chance to learn from and teach to some of the most skilled people you’ll ever meet. Your talent is going to blossom here!

You’ll have business-tier access to what some would call tech heaven, such as private meetings with Epic Games, exclusive licenses on coding tools such as Parasolid, Tensorflow, Gitlab as well as physical access to a massive variety of hardware and pipeline like NVIDIA RTX, NVidia Jetson and many others. Moreover, for each of these tools there is likely to be an expert in the field among your colleagues, eager to discuss the tech.

We offer remote-working and flexible schedules: it means that you are free to work less or more than 8 hours per day in a 40 hours work-week and that overtime is either paid or transformed into leave permits in an hour-bank system.

We care about the relocation of non-resident people and we offer a modern apartment near our HQ in Modena, free for 3 months. 

We care about improving team building and the spirit of unity as a big family, so we often plan outdoor activities like trekking and paintball, or video-game sessions during the breaks and table tennis tournament in our relax-room, drinks and dinners all together.

We offer a competitive compensation package, together with an extra-salary bonus at the end of the year based on your performance. Meal vouchers, free espresso coffee and beverages are also in the mix.

Last but not least, you’ll be part of an international team in one of the most solid multinational companies in the world on a project that will forever change the construction industry and impact the everyday life of millions.

What we look for

We are looking for C++ lovers, with a proven experience in C++ programming and analysis. If you’re someone who likes to solve complex problems through software engineering, preferably related to the implementation of three-dimensional geometries in a procedural way. You have a deep passion for geometry, maths and 3D graphics algorithms. You’re experienced in implementing Desktop softwares in C++ and you have strong analytical skills. 

Anyway, we’re not so strict: you may have already experienced very well this type of approach by developing CAD or BIM or FEM software, within companies dedicated to advanced automation, not necessarily using C++ but also C#. Don’t worry: in this case we’ll train you in C++!

We rely on Unreal Engine 4 as our main framework but the experience about this engine is not mandatory: as for C++, we will train you on-the-job so that you’ll learn a really powerful tool with us!

We'd be glad to see any of your personal projects, especially if developed for Windows and mobile devices. So send us a portfolio, we'd love to have a look at some of your personal projects!

In our team the level of interaction and teamwork is very high, so we seek energetic and positive people, with excellent interpersonal skills, able to work with many different professionals from different cultures.

We look for long-standing, proven passion for coding, attention to details and quality user experience. We like structured and creative people, who learn new concepts and skills quickly and love to go in-depth, reasoning and goal-oriented, driven by curiosity and initiative. 

At last, we value a degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science and a proficient level in English. Italian is not necessary.

Commitment & Contract

  •         Annual performance-based bonus
  •         Yearly salary review
  •         EUR 100/month in meal vouchers
  •         Paid relocation:  apartment in Modena for 3 months


You can choose among Modena and Milan + remote work-from-home policy for all employees (hybrid remote with flexible policy).

COVID-19 disclaimer

The current situation hasn’t stopped our hiring and onboarding. Until the Coronavirus is over, we’ll rely on remote or in-house onboarding for all new roles, depending on your preferences. However, all interviews and assessments will take place online.

Please let the company know you found this position on remote-developer-jobs.com so we can keep providing you with quality jobs.