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Infrastructure Automation Engineer at SUSE

At SUSE, we have a team of software engineers and administrators dedicated to running the IT infrastructure owned by Research and Development.

We work closely with our development teams to provide the services and tools they need to build SUSE's Enterprise and community products. We aggressively embrace new open source technologies as they are productized by Engineering and rely on them to provide our services. We're collaborating closely with the product teams to address any issues and this way help them improve the products. Some of us are very active members of the openSUSE community, too.

The Engineering Infrastructure team is globally distributed with engineers in several countries spread over several continents. We collaborate closely with our corporate IT on topics of corporate tooling, backbone infrastructure, etc.

Location: remote in Bulgaria and Czechia 

A typical day at work with us would include, but not limited to:

•    Writing and deploying an application to our Kubernetes cluster

•    Reviewing, approving and deploying open merge requests in GitLab

•    Adding VLANs toToRs by hand, then automating that

•    Solving tickets, then automating what was done and documenting the automation approach

•    Synchronizing with the team at the daily standup

•    Mounting new pre-production hardware from our partners into the racks

•    Selecting and ordering hardware for repairing or extending one of our clusters

•    Deploying updates to some service and then redesign the process to be non-disruptive and automating the process

•    Digging into our network stack to see where is the bottleneck and writing up a root-cause-analysis document that documents the created insight and the suggested and implemented improvements

•    Submitting product enhancement requests to our development teams

•    Developing, deploying, announcing an application to allow for engineers to self-service

•    Playing pong with other teams and then writing and deploying JS app for tracking results

•    Optimizing CI runner

•    Writing a blog post about your recent projects

Our dream candidate would have:

•    Passion for technology and teamwork

•    Self-motivation and result-oriented approach to daily work

•    A desire to learn and to share knowledge on a daily basis

•    A working framework for self-improvement and professional growth

•    Experience or interest in agile software development methodologies

•    Dedication to tested and documented IT infrastructure

More specifically, we are looking for professionals with:

•    Prior experience managing infrastructure on-premise/cloud

•    Solid Linux administration knowledge

•    Practical knowledge in Docker and ideally also Kubernetes

•    Solid GIT knowledge

•    Knowledge in at least one of SaltStack, Chef, Puppet, Ansible

•    Knowledge in at least one of Ruby, Python, Go, Perl

•    Monitoring systems knowledge: at least one of Prometheus, Sensu, Nagios

•    Fluent in English, both written and spoken

It would be great if you also had:

•    Network administration and automation experience

•    SAN/NAS administration experience

•    Distributed systems knowledge

•    RPM packaging knowledge

•    knowledge of AWS/Azure/GCE/OpenStack

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