Juju - Product Manager at Canonical

An exceptional opportunity for a competitive technology leader. This role is about redefining application management for both cloud-native and traditional Linux and Windows applications, on cloud and on-premise. You will need to show insights into:

  • The Kubernetes operator pattern
  • Redefining application management
  • Devsecops principles and practices
  • Application marketplaces
  • Multi cloud operations

If you have a passion for tech and business, devops experience with Kubernetes, a desire to build better tools for developers, deep familiarity with the open source stack from Linux to Github, and awareness of open source community practices, then you will love the product leadership team at Canonical.

The successful candidate will be multi-talented, with:

  • Cloud-native development and operations experience
  • A technical or science background and qualifications
  • Software engineering experience
  • Business and commercial interests
  • Proven leadership and presentation skills
  • Personal interests aligned with the field
  • Awareness of Ubuntu and Canonicals competition and opportunities
  • Aptitude for data-driven decision-making
  • Proven ability to write about technology and the tech landscape

Juju is, in Kubernetes terms, an operator lifecycle manager. But it is far more than a K8s OLM, because it provides model-driven operations and it is able to bring the operator pattern to many more classes of application than just new cloud-native apps. We aim to enable faster, better application management for containerized workloads across K8s clusters, and the same for traditional Linux and Windows apps on multiple clouds and infrastructure.

This role requires an analytical storyteller with a strong sense of message. We prefer graduate professionals with software engineering management experience who want to become business executives and entrepreneurs, to define product strategy and drive engagement.

Product leadership at Canonical is data-driven and content-centric. Product performance is closely measured and this team participates in regular reviews with company leadership. You will join a growing team and help shape the message across our suite of products. You will create effective content to engage sophisticated technical and commercial audiences, and work closely with marketing, media, engineering, sales, research, consulting, and training teams. You will also be accountable for product go-to-market execution, marketing collateral, case studies, training, and blog posts. You will be expected to deliver measurable lead-gen and awareness.


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