Senior Ruby on Rails Developer at Scalable Path

Scalable Path is looking for a Senior Ruby on Rails Developer to join the team and work on a client project. This is a remote, full-time position.

The client is a small 5 person software company that produces a driver training application.

The client is looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails developer to join their team to help them rewrite their driver's education web app. The current app is written in Rails 4.2 and needs to be rewritten in Rails 6.0.

Most of the frontend HTML and CSS will be simply reused, so the vast majority of the work will be on the backend. However, some small improvements to the application will likely be made here and there, which will include a small amount of frontend work.

Experience needed for this position:
- At least 3 year track record developing Ruby on Rails apps (experience with version 6.0 is a plus)
- Confident with Git branching and merging and using Github.
- Solid discipline using CI/CD
- Strong experience with Test-Driven Development (TDD)
- Happy working with plain Rails testing and development conventions and keeping it simple
- Experience redeveloping existing apps using a strangler pattern
- Confidence to speak up and challenge the status quo

The client initially used Cucumber scripts for automated testing. However, in the new version of the app, they want to use the standard Systems Testing features within Rails.

The client uses Trello for task management, and they are building out a repository of product requirements using Productboard.

You must be available full time and our preferred timezone for work hours is the US Pacific timezone.

You will be working with the CTO (based in New Zealand) and CEO based in Toronto, Canada The client is in the America/Toronto (-04:00) EDT time zone.

As soon as possible.

They've budgeted 8 weeks for this project, but it may be ongoing.

Required skills

  1.  Ruby (Must have)
  2.  Rails (Must have)
  3.  MySQL (Must have)
  4.  HTML (Must have)
  5.  CSS (Must have)
  6.  Spoken English (Must have)
  7.  Written English (Must have)
  8.  Git (Must have)
  9.  TDD (Must have)
  10.  JavaScript (Strongly preferred)
  11.  Continuous Integration (Strongly preferred)
  12.  Bootstrap (Preferred)
  13.  CircleCI (Preferred)
  14.  React (Nice to have)

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