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Release / Integration Engineer (FullStack) at PeerWell Inc.

Our small, remote team develops medical software used by patients, Doctors, and healthcare workers used world-wide. We need someone to take the lead on software & system quality as well being a contributor to new features .  Your first responsibility will be on validating builds and deciding if they can be released to our patients and users. You will quality in our continuous integration & deployment pipeline (CI/CD) for our entire stack: system, API, and React-based interfaces (Mobile is handled separately). It's your call to assess a release and say it will really work for our users. It's your role to identify testing gaps, hold the line on making sure the system is truly validated, push-back PRs if they don't meet your testing standards, make sure that test gaps are known, and to help fill them as needed.  When errors are found in the system by users, it's on you to make sure that such errors will be found in advance the next time around. This is a particular discipline and focus.  However, candidates are expected to also contribute to adding new functionality, not just validating it. Your skills with modern system tools such as Nodjs, Mongo, SQL & NoSQL, containers, as well as frontend web skills with React mean you can take on a variety of development responsibilities and handle complexity.

To Apply write an introduction that describes:

  1. Your interest, passion, and fit for this role. We are passionate people.
  2. Why you want to work at PeerWell in particular? You can also ask questions to learn more.
  3. What in your background exactly pertains to this work.

You will not be considered without such a note!

We are a San Francisco based company but you can work from your home or from a workspace. We have been working remotely since before COVID. We will work with you to be a fully connected member of our team.  You should be very comfortable with remote work, now that you've had a taste of it in this COVID era.

We are working on exciting bleeding edge technologies and services to advance patient health. 

You care about doing good and finding ways to help other people. We care about the work we do, and how we do it. We care about friendly and effective teams and a civil work life. We care about our patients and their outcomes.

Role & Responsibilities:

You will

  • Champion processes and practices so that we can ship (nearly) defect free code.
    • You have opinions on effective work and quality processes.
    • You can negotiate with other business players on dates and deliverables.
  • Write clear code that others can read and understand, and which serves the needs of our patients, products, and business.
  • Be¬†an enthusiastic team member who defends our users through constructive engagement with our¬†developers to help¬†us ship quality product.
  • Enjoy¬†challenging problems of all kinds, related to scaling, UX, UI, and machine learning.
  • Appreciate and support processes that help us to collaborate. Processes such as documentation, Use Cases, BDD, and generally value communication and collaboration.
  • Know your limitations.

Technical Requirements:  You have at least 7 years experience in

  • APIs & Frameworks:
    • Expertise to handle Nodejs and Javascript, as well as, CoffeeScript for better or worse.¬† If you are coming from another language like Python or Go, you should be expert there and adept at quickly learning new languages.
    • You should be comfortable with async code and the issues that arise from multiple processing threads working on the same data.¬†
    • Know Mongo/No-SQL and MySQL-like systems very well
    • Exposure to containers and AWS systems
  • Agile & BDD Processes:
    • Writing use cases, acceptance testing, and capable of helping deveopers to adopt these as it makes sense to do so.
    • Be good at understanding, refactoring, and commenting code.
    • You are understand how off your estimates of coding time and effort are.
    • Know Git, and have experience approving PRs.
    • Support task management, and understand how sprints or other agile development processes work.
    • Have experience and appreciation for writing test cases. Can talk about BDD, TDD or other testing methodologies and have opinions on them.¬†

Other requirements:

  • You must speak excellent English.

Location -- Remote:

  • This job is a remote hire based anywhere in the Americas or Europe.¬†
  • We require overlap with US timezones.¬†

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