Senior Full Stack Engineer (React + .NET / Java) at Pyx Health

Pyx Health is looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer with the ability to hit the ground running and take on ownership of web applications. We use React for our front-end and C# for our backend. The product you will work on will be a single-page application that will communicate using RESTful services.

We are in a fast growth phase and are expanding rapidly. We therefore need an engineer who will be dedicated and willing to take ownership of the codebase, set standards, and mentor other junior engineers.



· Help set architectural direction for our frontend and backend code

· Create elegant, robust code

· Understand and commit to the testing processes

· Strive to write code that is high quality and easily maintainable.

· Work in a fast-paced, agile environment where the requirements and needs are constantly evolving

· Help customer success and QA troubleshoot issues

· Keep up with new technologies and make improvements where possible, while not going after every shiny new object that flutters by


· You are self-motivated, need very little oversight, are able to take ownership of the product and deliver features on time.

· You have worked on multiple production-grade, performant web applications in React.

· You keep yourself up to date on new React features like Hooks and Context.

· You have a good grasp of how React Router works.

· You have a good understanding of web technologies like CSS and SCSS and strive to create not just beautiful but also accessible applications

· You have troubleshot and made performance improvements to React applications.

· You have worked with an Object Oriented programming language and understand OOPS concepts.

· You understand RESTful architecture and have written REST APIs

· You have used an RDBMS like SQL Server / MySQL / Oracle

· You are comfortable with React testing frameworks and tools like Jest, Mocha and Enzyme and continuously work to improve code coverage.

· You care about the quality of your code.

· You put the product above everything else and are able to compromise on perfection to get a release out when needed.

· You are humble, approachable, easy to work with and enjoy mentoring junior engineers.

· You constantly seek challenges and take pride in creating features that customers love

· Knowledge and experience with Azure is a plus.

· Knowledge and experience with .NET Core is a plus.

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