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Engineering Manager - Growth at CircleCI

Join the world’s largest shared CI/CD platform as an Engineering Manager and help us build one of our most exciting and fast-growing domains. In this role, you’ll build out and lead a first-class team of Growth engineers, with the goal to drive significant revenue growth for our company and collaborate with your team to influence the Growth engineering culture and build out this domain further. Our customers range from well-known household brands to small startups and everywhere in between, and we’re looking for an Engineering Manager who’s excited about helping us drive sustainable long-term growth for our entire company.

Our team:

We’re looking for an Engineering Leader to join our Growth Engineering domain and evolve this space together with us. As a leader in this space, you’ll work closely with Engineering Managers, Product Managers, and VP-level leadership to build on the strategy for Growth at CircleCI, define strategy for the Growth Engineering teams, and drive a culture of curiosity-driven experimentation, continuous learning and improvement on your teams. Together with your team, you’ll challenge the status quo of our product, in order to support our go-to-market teams and drive sustainable long-term growth for our business. 

As the Growth team, our mission is to expose more users to the value they can get through using our product, and getting deeper into CI/CD with us. We dig deep into our users’ experience with CircleCI, and help them become more successful using our product. Our two existing Growth teams, Activation and Engagement, continuously analyze our users’ journey to educate and empower them on our platform over their first couple of months with us. 

You'll be joining a creative, diverse, and analytical set of Growth teams that are driven by curiosity and continuous learning around our customers’ behaviors. Our position in the engineering team is unique: we work throughout the entire CircleCI product - across marketing sites, onboarding, all the way to our core CI/CD workflows - to help empower our users to deliver better software, faster. We value empathy for the customer experience, as well as driving business metrics and quantifying our lessons learned along the way. 

What you’ll do:

  • Build out the Growth domain: You’ll collaborate with engineering- and Growth leadership and key stakeholders on the evolution of the domain overall, as well as the teams within it. The Growth domain is one of our fastest-growing spaces, and you’ll play a key role in shaping its evolution towards increasing the teams’ impact on our business. 
  • Build out and support the team: You’ll partner with our Recruiting team to attract, hire, onboard, and retain diverse top Growth engineering talent and build out our Growth engineering teams further, together with the rest of the Growth engineering management team. You build out a team culture that’s centered on open communication, strong feedback culture, quick experimentation, blameless learning, and embracing failure and learning from it. 
  • Support engineers’ growth: You’ll have direct reports ranging from junior-level to highly experienced engineers, and will be responsible for their performance and career growth. You’ll work with them to identify areas in our Engineering Competency Matrix where they’d like to focus their efforts, and support them through regular feedback, goal setting, and providing them with challenging work that drives value for our users and business. 
  • Drive experiments and utilize data to continuously improve: Partner with our Product Management team and Data Scientists/Analysts to support the team in continuously experimenting in alignment with our Growth strategy, and utilize data to review outcomes and adjust quickly as needed. 
  • Learning and Development: Develop people and the team through coaching, mentoring, and management support. Conduct regular 1:1s, goal setting, and feedback conversations with engineers to ensure their well-being and team health, and support them in their learning and development. Continuously work to improve inclusion and belonging on your team and throughout our organization.
  • Organizational work: Help us continuously improve and grow and build further support structures for our teams by driving broader organizational development and cross-cutting initiatives with the rest of our engineering management team.
  • Technical work: Help grow the expertise of your team’s performance and experimentation, in collaboration with the technical leaders on the team. We’re also looking for the Growth engineering teams to move from a more frontend-focused work setup to increasing work in the backend, and as the teams’ manager, you’d support your engineers on their journey to increasing their skills in this area. We don’t expect you to write or review code on a regular basis, so this role may not be for you if you will deeply miss those things. 
  • Support your team through on-call: As part of this role, you’ll periodically participate in our after-hours on-call rotation. 

Work remotely with our globally distributed team!

We’re a distributed company with teammates across the world. The team you’ll be leading is distributed across North America, supporting our internal teams and a global customer base. For this role, we are hiring an Engineering Manager to work remotely in the United States and through our affiliate, Continuous Labs, in the following Canadian territories: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan.

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