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GLSL / Metal Shading Language developer at Retrica, Inc.

Hiring Process

1) The programmer screening test (no time limit, 15 multiple-choice questions)

2) The logical reasoning test (60-minute limit, 14 multiple-choice questions)

3) Technical interview (60 minutes long, video-conference)

4) Two peer-interviews (30 minutes for each, video-conference)

General Requirements

  • Must pass the programmer screening test (13/15 is the threshold)
  • Must pass the logical reasoning test (11/14 is the threshold)
  • Verbal / written communication skill with non-native English speakers


  • at least 2 years of experience with GLSL, HLSL or Metal Shading Language
  • be able to create an Android or iOS app that can display a bitmap (RGB) image (compensated)

Nice to have

  • experience with Vulkan
  • experience with computer vision, image processing or game

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