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Personalized Site Migration, New Host Configuration and QA - 2 Week Contract at Website Development Corporation

The deliverable is a migrated site on a new host.  We are a small shop and need to migrate our ecommerce site.  After 7 years, the person providing our hosting has moved onto other projects, and we need to move to a user-managed server.  This is a 2 week contract, and is doing the literal work of migrating the site manually (no cpanel, plesk).  The contract includes working with me on the phone, text and email, to choose an appropriate user managed new hosting service, and then to migrate the site, to configure the site, test and trouble-shoot the site, all on the new host, and then to conclude the contract. This is an ecommerce site with cc processing. The right person will be able to work on the front and backends, troubleshooting both. Work will be on the server (apache or ngix), and also on css, mysql, py, perl, etc.  Two weeks are budgeted for this migration project.  Please contact us with any questions.  

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