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Progressive Web App Developer with GPS Expertise at Scalable Path

Scalable Path is looking for a Progressive Web App Developer with GPS Expertise to join the team and work on a client project. This is a remote, full-time position, but the client is also open to part-time availability.

The pay rate for this role is from $30 - $80 USD per hour, depending on experience and capability.

The client is a software company that makes a Progressive Web App for the oil and gas industry.

The client has an existing Progressive Web App (PWA) that helps collect all actions that oil and gas operators make throughout the day such as driving to different sites and working on equipment while using primarily phones and tablets. Often there is no Internet connection in the remote locations that the operators are working so data is stored locally and then synced when a good connection is available. They are having some challenges with gathering GPS info from the PWA at certain times such as when the application/phone is not actively being used that they would like to solve. Information from the app is used to help operators make effective data-driven decisions. Collecting GPS data from the PWA as effectively as possible is very important for them. You will be tasked with architecting and implementing the following features relating to GPS.

- GPS Data collection
- General collection on events relating to EZOPS actions and events

- General GPS location monitoring
-Need the ability to track offline (indexedDB) and online (direct server communication if service)

-Nearest Location autoload / ranking
- Ability to understand which location(s) are closest to a user at a particular time

- Time to travel
- Ability to understand some tendencies about the user
- Average travel time to and from locations

- Data interpretation
- Can eventually transpose the data onto a matrix for accurate routing items
- Cheaper and more accurate than relying on GPS APIs

- Ability to feed route times and data into a format for a prioritization engine.

The client would like to keep the GPS-related code packages as raw JS so they can easily be integrated into other frameworks in the future (not just AngularJS).

You might not need to reinvent the wheel for certain functionality but instead could integrate with existing GPS packages.

Overall, they are looking for someone who can coach them through the pros and cons of various GPS options and approaches and then implement the agreed solution.

You will be reporting to the Director of Technology who was the original developer on the project. They currently have a scrum team of 3 developers with some contractors working on the side. They use Google meetings and Google Hangouts for formal meetings. They also have a Slack channel where they communicate throughout the day. There is an existing daily meeting at 9:00am America/Edmonton (-06:00) MDT.

- Excellent English Communication Skills
- JavaScript
- Strong understanding of PWA limitations related to GPS
- Ability to create code that can be integrated with AngularJS and likely other tech frontend frameworks to be future proof
- Understanding of open source GPS libraries for PWA integration
- Strong understanding of GPS and the ability to create logic based on GPS
Internal matrix caching
- Understanding of existing APIs and their pros, cons, costs
- Understanding of data structures and metadata relating to GPS collection

- AngularJS (v1)
- Laravel

As soon as possible.

3 to 6 Months

The client would also consider applicants who are an excellent fit for the position and might have only part-time availability.

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