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Software Engineer - Ruby on Rails (South Africa) at Andela

Your typical week would include:

  • Collaborating with design, analytics, support, and product management to understand the problems we want to solve and exploring how we can solve them

  • Discussing and collaboratively solving engineering and product problems with engineering collaborators in Slack or Zoom

  • Opening a Pull Request to implement the next most important feature or fix the most critical bug

  • Trying to reproduce a reported bug and responding to issues we’ve received from the community

  • Reviewing your teammates' Pull Requests and providing helpful feedback

  • Working with your engineering manager in your one-on-one meetings to grow your team and career

  • Talking with users to discover what they love and what their pain points are.


  • Design, scope, and implement technical solutions that scale across multiple web applications

  • Collaboratively define and prioritize projects and tasks

  • Drive thoughtful conversations around technical issues and opportunities

  • Review code and provide thoughtful, constructive feedback for your team and the community

  • Triage, reproduce, and debug technical support requests, bugs, and feature requests reported by users in our Issues on our website.

  • Provide compassionate technical leadership, mentorship, pairing opportunities, and code reviews to encourage the growth of others


    • Strong written communication skills
    • High degree of empathy
    • 4+ years experience as a full-time professional coder using Ruby on Rails.
    • Experience team leading/management.
    • Experience working asynchronously on a remote, distributed team (does not have to be professional experience - preferable)
    • Ability to draw on both system design and software engineering concepts and blend those perspectives pragmatically based on project needs
    • Experience building highly available services at scale

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