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(100% Remote) Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer at Client Portal Team in Toptal. at Toptal

About Toptal

Toptal is a global network of the top talent in business, design, and technology that enables companies to scale their teams, on-demand. With $200+ million in annual revenue and over 40% year-over-year growth, Toptal is the largest fully distributed workforce in the world.

We take the best elements of virtual teams and combine them with a support structure that encourages innovation, social interaction, and fun (see this video from The Huffington Post). We see no borders, move at a fast pace, and are never afraid to break the mold.

Position Description

As a member of the Client Portal team, you will provide value to our clients, helping them find and work with the best talent in our network. The team built and owns the main UI that our clients use to interact with our talent, and part of your job as a back-end engineer will be to support its evolution and have a chance to work on the React/TypeScript front-end too if you wish. This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere. Due to the remote nature of this role, we are unable to provide visa sponsorship. Resumes and communication must be submitted in English.


  • Write elegant, efficient, and testable Ruby code that is easy to maintain and debug.
  • Cover code with tests and perform manual testing of features, while reviewing the work of colleagues.
  • As a true teammate, continuously improve the team’s processes, brainstorm ideas, and communicate statuses, and progress.
  • Mentor other people, provide feedback and grow as a part of the team.

In the first week, expect to:

  • Begin your onboarding and integration into Toptal.
  • Get familiar with our product portfolio and team structure.
  • Review our extensive Toptal Engineering Documentation to become familiar with our working processes.

In the first month, expect to:

  • Transition from our Bootcamp program and begin working with your team at Toptal.
  • Write and review new code for both user-facing and purely technical tickets.
  • Attend regular meetings. Examples include daily standups, sprint retrospectives and reviews, and the once a month Engineering All-hands meeting.

In the first three months, expect to:

  • Be actively engaged in the development of new features your team works on.
  • Participate in the development of more broad solutions as a part of a guild (e.g. Quality Guild) or Task Force (e.g. Real-Time Communication Task Force).
  • Have the opportunity to improve the back-end technologies within the scope of the team.
  • Develop automated tests to ensure our products flawlessly support our business and behave at sky-high quality standards.

In the first six months, expect to:

  • Work on a domain with extensive A/B testing to support decisions.
  • Deliver complex new features incrementally and with high quality
  • Participate in a product used by tens of thousands of users every day.
  • Lead technical or product initiatives.
  • Be ready to propose improvements to Toptal’s processes, products, and codebase.

In the first year, expect to:

  • On-board, mentor and be part of the interviewing team, in order to support the growth of our top-skilled engineering team.
  • Become a champion of new ideas that will thrive to achieve the purpose of our company while ensuring the quality culture that we value the most.
  • Take joy in deployment to production multiple times a day and collaborating daily with your team or other individuals while working in a distributed model.


  • Have 3+ years of web development experience using Ruby (with Rails or similar high-level web frameworks) and at least 5+ as a web developer.
  • Have a strong knowledge of object-oriented programming, automated software testing, development, and testing methodologies.
  • Know SQL enough to be able to diagnose and solve common patterns and problems.
  • Care about multiple quality dimensions like user impact, fault tolerance, code maintainability, security, and performance.
  • Be able to work without hand-holding and take initiative.
  • Bonus points for knowledge of GraphQL, front-end experience with React, previous work supporting the back-end for SPAs, familiarity with docker.

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