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Backend developer at Akselos S.A.

Akselos offices or remote location
Boston (MA), USA
Houston (TX), USA

Lausanne, Switzerland


We rely on the cloud to perform highly parallel, large-scale, physics-based simulations of critical infrastructure and to provide customers with immediate results in the form of 3D visualizations and other relevant engineering data. This role is for the further development and administration of Akselos's cloud servers to ensure continued efficient and reliable service to our customers and to meet new customer demand. 


  • Optimize the cloud framework for maximum efficiency, reliability, and scalability.
  • Apply logging, diagnostic, monitoring, and notification tools to help ensure reliable operation of the cloud service and adherence to any SLAs.
  • Ensure that customer security and IT compliance requirements and expectations are met.
  • Handle the deployment of new servers in new geographic locations or on new cloud providers, automating as necessary.
  • Migrate back-end services to use new tools and technologies when prudent.
  • Profile back-end services and make necessary performance improvements.
  • Test the server back-end, creating new automated tests as necessary to ensure continuous availability of the service. 


  • Seasoned engineer with cloud technology and back-end server development
  • Fluent in Python for tasks related to automation and back-end development
  • Knowledge of Linux administration and of popular tools used for integration, deployment, monitoring, logging, and testing 
  • Experience with deployment and administration of a cloud platform (e.g. AWS, MS Azure, or GCP)


  • Four-year undergraduate degree in computer science, physics, engineering, or related field 
  • Four or more years professional software development experience or other demonstrable development experience (e.g. open-source development). 


  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Structured and meticulous 
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Detail-oriented and creative approach 

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by Tsutomu Narushima