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Engineering Lead at Ockam (San Francisco, CA)

If you love shipping code, then this role on our team is for you! Ideally we'd like to find someone who is excelling in an architect role and wants to transition to, or is relatively new to, a management track in the next chapter of their career. We want to enable your growth. This role is part of the technical management team at Ockam. Roughly 70% of this role involves building / writing code, 20% is people and project management, 10% is fighting fires across the codebase. Ultimately you are responsible for shipping our code base. As the first hire into our management track your responsibility and growth potential is unbound as our team size multiplies. You will utilize your multidisciplinary skills to align with Product, GTM, and Engineering IC’s, to manage Ockam’s OKR and engineering deliverables. Your entrepreneurial and team building skills will also be challenged as the first person on our team in this type of role - you will help to shape the engineering structure of our team. At Ockam we have a philosophy of building a high performing team. This means that we align individuals to roles that align with their world class skills, and empower their growth potential. You will learn a lot from our diverse team, and will be trusted to empower others. You will need Sr. Engineer skills to excel in this role. The entire Ockam team has senior level, or higher engineering skills, so your ability to pull knowledge from across the team is important. We don’t expect you to know more than everyone else on the team, but you should be able to engage in thoughtful and respectful, deep technical discussions with anyone on the team.


    • Multiple programming languages (C, Rust, Go, Elixir)

    • Code review across the entire codebase

    • API design principles

    • A philosophy that simplicity is hard ... and mandatory

    • Team leadership and fostering growth in teammates

    • Forecasting OKR deliverables

    • Shipping product on time and on spec

    • GitHub operations / management in an Open Source environment 

    • Management of Issues, PRs and syncing with all stakeholders on internal roadmap and OKRs tracking.

    • Collaboration with Product, GTM and Executive functions


    • Open source code bases and open source community culture

    • Distributed / Remote-First team management

    • Hiring and Interviewing

    • On boarding new teammates


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by Tsutomu Narushima