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Linux Engineer at Roon Labs LLC

What You’ll Do

  • Maintain and expand a custom linux-from-scratch style distribution that underlies several hardware products on multiple architectures.
  • Maintain and extend build systems, cross-compilation tooling, release automation, and software for such environments.
  • Work on Roon software integrations with third-party hardware and software platforms.
  • Work on the administration/configuration interfaces for our hardwork products.

Who You Are

  • You are an experienced sysadmin, comfortable with configuration of disparate operating systems and hardware platforms.
  • You are very familiar with how linux distributions are put together and how to build open source software from source code.
  • You are highly literate in unix concepts and practices.
  • You are experienced working with linux in embedded systems.
  • You are familiar with containerization and virtualization technologies (Docker, VMware, HyperV, etc) and packaging software for these environments.
  • You are experienced with automated pipelines for continuous build and integration systems.
  • You enjoy understanding, creating, and working in complicated environments with many components and moving parts.
  • You have some familiarity with Node.js.

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