Senior Mobile Engineer - React Native at Harvest

Headquarters: Remote

Why We’re Hiring

At Harvest, you’ll be working with a team of honest and respectful engineers who value giving and receiving feedback and trust that they can count on each other.

Harvest Engineering consists of Product Engineering and Platform Engineering. Within Product Engineering there are currently three teams, Ecosystem, Experiences and Quality Engineering.

The Experiences team creates web, mobile, and desktop applications that provide performant, meaningful, and relevant experiences for our customers. They are currently focused on a complete rewrite of our mobile applications. This high impact work is aimed at delivering a best in class, multi-device experience that allows our customers to get the most out of tracking their time while seamlessly blending into their workflows.

Our Experiences team is growing and we’re currently looking for a frontend Software Engineer to join us here at Harvest. We’ll be looking to you to help mentor and sponsor teammates as well as helping to guide our efforts designing, building, and maintaining our greenfield mobile application that will bring true multi-device capability and feature parity across devices to our customers.

What You’ll Do
  • Design, build, and maintain React Native based Harvest for mobile application and help to create accessible, reusable frontend components that allow us to deliver frictionless and delightful user experiences across our applications.
  • Be a great teammate by helping improve our code quality through initiating engineering discussions, contributing and soliciting ideas, performing code reviews, and mentoring and sponsoring your team members.
  • Lead cross-functional team projects to create work you’re proud of, better understand our customers’ needs, formulate use cases, and translate those into solutions.
  • Come up with solid technical solutions to ambiguous or open-ended problems. Work autonomously and proactively to gather input from cross-functional team members throughout your projects to shape your approach to solutions.
  • Create solutions with a focus on security, reliability, scalability, and maintainability and understand the tradeoffs between these requirements.
  • Use metrics, data, and customer feedback to improve application performance
  • Work with a diverse, remote-first team of kind humans that span the globe.
Who You Are
  • You enjoy learning and view mistakes as opportunities for growth. You work outside your comfort zone and help create a safe learning environment for you and your team.
  • You have a strong interest in learning new technologies, building prototypes, and experimenting.
  • You’re a multiplier and look for opportunities to spread knowledge, mentor and sponsor other engineers, and help your teammates grow. Your input is a sought after source of learning and you’re generous and respectful with your feedback.
  • You’re self-driven and can lead projects with multiple team members with minimal guidance.
  • You have a great eye for identifying opportunities to build accessible, reusable components and incorporate design patterns that simplify our applications.
  • You can balance and prioritize those efforts with your work on roadmap projects.
  • You make trade-offs transparent and explicit when making judgments and decisions. You debate priorities with a good understanding of company values, balancing quality and productivity.
  • You believe feedback is a gift, proactively seek it out, and act on it.
What You’ve Done
  • You are fluent and confident with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the fundamentals of modern frontend web development and feel confident with one or more modern languages or frameworks such as React
  • You've written robust and reliable code in a modern language or framework such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, or React
  • You’ve built, deployed, and maintained production React Native applications
  • You’ve influenced products, systems, and processes by identifying problems and proposing solutions and have positively impacted the culture of engineering teams.
  • You’ve worked with cross-functional teams to lead complex projects and are comfortable breaking down large projects into smaller tasks, explaining the work in both technical and non-technical terms, and negotiating the scope of work with your team.
  • You understand the difference between mentorship and sponsorship, and have developed a habit of the latter.
Compensation is $179,500 USD annually for this role.

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