Senior Rails Engineer at SwiftVEE

Headquarters: Cape Town, South Africa

Our approach to backend

Great test coverage, CRUD, resource based routing, HTTP2, websockets, Sidekiq for job processing and PostgreSQL to lovingly store all our data.

We like to keep our stack as vanilla as possible and utilize Rails and what it offers to the greatest extent. This approach makes it easy to stay well in sync with latest releases and benefit from the constant stream of performance, feature and quality of life improvements Ruby and Rails brings to a programmer and a company.

Our approach to frontend

We’re serving multiple clients with our platform. Bootstrap comes in very handy in providing the base for our user interface and the theming framework. We rely heavily on the component based approach and have very little custom CSS (yes, Bootstrap 5 is that good).

We love JS, but thanks to Rails we require very little JavaScript. What is there is written exclusively in Stimulus and is a pleasure to work with.

Excellent code coverage, reliable and fast CI and well configured linters

Right from the start of the project we invested heavily in great test coverage and linters keeping our code style easily readable and consistent. Tests run on GitHub Actions and are reliable and without intermittent issues. Tech debt is not something we worry about on this project at this stage as it’s extremely well maintained and the tech stack is chosen to last and be a pleasure to work with in solving the domain problems.

Fully remote

This is a fully remote position. We use GitHub, email, Slack and Zoom to communicate and manage our workspace. We try to keep the meetings to a minimum and focused on brainstorming in smaller teams or helping each other on specific tasks.

What we need from You

  • At least half a working day's overlap with UTC +2.
  • 5+ years of experience with Ruby and Rails. If Rails is water you’re a fish.
  • Excellent understanding of structured and semantic HTML markup and CSS.
  • Vanilla JavaScript proficiency and experience with latest standards.
  • Experience writing unit and system tests, both in Ruby (we use RSpec) and JavaScript.
  • Client oriented approach when it comes to understanding problems and implementing solutions. You might be working on requirements and feedback from people that are not just developers. You need to have a good ability to parse and respond to such.

Interview process

We keep it simple and speedy.

If we like your submission (CV) we invite you to take a Rails tech test. This is a small and simple real world app to build and problem to solve. Interview with our developers about your tech test follows. If you pass this part, an interview with our CEO follows and you’ll be made an offer.

We won’t keep you waiting for long during any stage of the process.
We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Please let the company know you found this position on so we can keep providing you with quality jobs.