Live Backend Server Multiplayer at Alice & Smith

Headquarters: Montréal, Québec


Since 2014, Alice & Smith has established itself as a global leader, combining immersion, technologies and creativity as never seen before.

Our clients include Microsoft, Twitch, Paradox Interactive, PUBG, NBA, Zynga, Funcom, Square Enix and many others...


  • Bring dozen of persistent worlds online for more than 25 million peoples
  • Be at ground zero of a new era in creativity and technology
  • Scaling to 360 million API calls in 12hrs while watching a code jam of reverse proxy with Cloudflare edge worker
  • Work with the top Unreal Engine Artist, Data Scientist, Global Client, and technologies still under NDA
  • Play with 12 real-time camera streaming LIDAR and 4k video to 250 000 spectators
  • Design edge architecture and server code execution with sub 60 ms latency from 250 cities around the world


  • Design, develop, and maintain a highly distributed, scalable, low-latency multiplayer environment using high-quality code
  • Implement systems that require a thorough understanding of the trade-offs between reliable and unreliable real-time data traffic
  • Optimize code and memory for high performance and low latency
  • Work closely with industry leaders in PlayFab liveops infrastructure and architecture
  • Work closely with our clients and partners at Microsoft and Twitch
  • Contribute innovative and original ideas on all aspects of game systems production and development
  • Our telemetry and profiling team will help you build advanced real-time reporting and monitoring support tools
  • Regularly update directors and stakeholders, collating feedback into tasks with your team


  • Expert knowledge of game engine networking protocol, including: replication, node graphs, connections, sessions, and game-state serialization
  • Experience in real-time networking, including: compensation for variable order and timing in data (interpolation/extrapolation, fast route optimizations)
  • 2+ Years of commercial multiplayer gameplay system design in Azure Cloud
  • 2+ Years of C# and .Net application development
  • Strong knowledge of Azure Function, REST interfaces and microservice architecture
  • Expertise in messaging protocol (AMQP / MQTT)
  • Experience in Azure Service Bus or Events Hub
  • Deep passion for Azure serverless architecutre and Cloudflare Worker Edge Computing


  • PlayFab Multiplayer Server and PlayFab Expertise
  • XR Server for PlayFab and XR Server large-scale operations
  • XR Analytics, XR Streaming Services, and XR Realtime Services
  • Experience with SignalR and Message Hub
  • Modern development practices: TDD, integration testing, automated testing
  • Technical writing experience
  • Experience working in Unreal Engine and Unity

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