DevOps Engineer (SRE) at Circle

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Circle is building the modern community platform for every creator and brand in the world: think "Shopify for creator/brand-led communities". We make it really easy for creators and brands to bring their discussions, members, and content all into one place.

We're looking for a DevOps Engineer (SRE) to help our DevOps team build and maintain monitor-able, performant, reliable, and highly-scalable software systems.

This is a 100% remote role. We're now a fully remote team of 65 (and growing!) based in the U.S., Colombia, Portugal, India, Argentina, Slovenia, and other countries. We have a preference for candidates in U.S. and European time zones. 

Check out our Careers page for more information about us.

  • Manage the infrastructure and communicate updates with the Dev team
  • Ensure the safety and security of all our infrastructure and data
  • Maintain production cloud infrastructure
  • Support the product team with the relevant knowledge about the infrastructure evolution
  • Maintain, evaluate, and improve the developer experience, including the local developer environment, continuous integration, and deployment workflows

Who we're looking for
  • A strong understanding of GNU/Linux and operating system basics
  • Hands-on experience on using IaaS cloud solutions, specifically AWS - knowledge of AWS services (EC2, EKS, RDS, S3, Cloudfront, VPC, Security groups, and Cloudwatch) required
  • Experience with CI/CD tools and automating them using tools like Jenkins / CircleCI
  • Experience working with declarative Infrastructure-as-Code frameworks (Terraform) and knowledge of configuration management frameworks (Ansible)
  • Experience running docker workloads in production and at scale using Kubernetes
  • Strong experience with databases such as MySQL, Elasticsearch, and Redis
  • Experience with automation skills in bash scripting, Ruby on Rails, and / or other languages.
  • Solid understanding of network fundamentals and protocols such as HTTP/S, DNS, TCP/IP, load balancing, and reverse proxy
  • Knowledge of security practices / related tools like firewalls and VPNs on cloud and servers
  • Experience doing logs aggregation and analysis using tools like EFK
  • Nice to have: Experience in managing / deploying Ruby on Rails applications on the cloud
  • Nice to have: Understanding of Redshift, AWS Glue, and other data warehouse tools
  • Nice to have: Knowledge of Prometheus, Grafana, Helm, Kustomize, and Ingress Controllers

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