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Senior Mobile Engineer, Flutter at Team Go, Inc

The Flutter Software Engineer is the mobile developer responsible for designing, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining our core product: the Go mobile app.

The ideal candidate is:

  • Capable of delivering production-quality Flutter and Dart code.
  • Experienced with reactive programming patterns on mobile, such as those commonly used in Flutter or React Native.
  • Familiar with common server-client API (REST and GraphQL) patterns and practices.
  • Highly passionate about mobile devices (nerds welcome), and recognizes the awesome privilege of working on a device we carry so close to our hearts.
  • Fluent writing native Flutter modules in either Swift, Kotlin, or both.

Experience in the following areas is crucial; we think about or work on these things every day:

  • Cross-functional teamwork with other software engineers, testers, designers, product managers, etc.
  • Production Mobile app deployment on both iOS (App Store Connect) and Android (Play Store).
  • Continuous integration/deployment/testing.
  • Test-driven development and a sense of situational balance for unit testing coverage.
  • Obsessively good Git hygiene and clearly documented code.
  • Collaborative pull request review and pair programming.

The following technologies are also in play:

  • Google Firebase for authentication, ML interfaces, cloud storage, crash tracking, performance monitoring, product analytics, A/B testing, and Push Notifications.
  • NoSQL databases and interfaces with them, such as MongoDB.
  • Machine learning systems such as TensorFlow or Firebase’s ML Kit.
  • Experience with other holistic service-based architectures--e.g. AWS.

The role requires at least three years of experience building mobile software with a server-client relationship.

If you are passionate about mobile devices (nerds welcome!), and want to work at a company that recognizes the awesome privilege of working on a device we carry so close to our hearts: you’ve found it.

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