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DevOps Engineer at Emerlyn Technology, LLC

Emerlyn Technology is a rapidly growing, market leading, pharmaceutical technology company with a remote workforce. Our software helps pharmacists on the ground make better purchasing and inventory management decisions every day. We manage millions of ordering transactions annually, resulting in billions of purchasing dollars.

Job Description

The DevOps Engineer will have comfort with collaboration, open communication and the ability to reach across functional borders to help ensure the success of the various teams. You will work confidently to solve organizational problems and improve business processes and outcomes. Working closely with the development team, the role employs the application of best practices to our environment and applications to produce and maintain a highly available, reliable user experience.

If you love to learn, enjoy working as a team, are down to earth, positive, not afraid to jump in or ask questions, and enjoy continuing to learn on and off the clock, then this is the right role for you.


As a DevOps engineer you’ll work to keep our organization humming along by:

  • Working to continuously evolve our infrastructure and IaC by designing, building, and maintaining our technology stacks
  • Maintaining, grooming, and improving observability systems - monitoring, alerting, logging, and error tracking
  • Maintaining, grooming, and improving CI/CD processes
  • Working on a data center to cloud migration project by:
    • Collaborating and coordinating with management and development moving services to cloud provider
    • Providing costing and maintaining the expenses of cloud infrastructure
  • Working closely with developers to understand the nuances of the applications and services - scaling, reliability, and availability needs, performance points, and integration points with the underlying infrastructure
  • Connecting technical and business goals
  • Effectively communicating with teams to provide cross-functional leadership
  • Participating in code reviews for the DevOps related systems
  • Sharing an on-call rotation with the other team members
  • Being a thought partner in technical conversations for DevOps, Development, and other operational systems

Skills & Requirements

  • A natural curiosity and passion for software development, DevOps and technology in general
  • Strong Linux administration skills, good understanding of networks and storage
  • Strong knowledge of scripting languages
  • Strong grasp of automation/configuration management
  • Experience with Kubernetes and Docker containers
  • Experience with Git repositories
  • Familiarity with CI/CD practices
  • Current with industry trends, IT ops and industry best practices, and able to identify the ones we should implement
  • Time and project management skills, with the capability to prioritize and multitask as needed
  • Comfort with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment
  • Contribute to our efforts to simplify deployment environments
  • Understanding of containerization platforms, scheduling, and service discovery solutions
  • Familiarity with cloud systems and automations, preferably AWS


  • 4+ years of professional experience as a DevOps, Systems, or Site Reliability Engineer
  • Agile mindset and focus on building the right things for the business and customers
  • Experience with building real world scalable, reliable and secure solutions
  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills

Tools we use

Git, GitLab (including the CI suite), Bash shell scripting, Java, Maven, Clojure, Terraform, Packer, Docker, Ubuntu, VMware vSphere & vCenter, Prometheus, Grafana, Slack, Trello, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch & Kibana, fluentd

Nice to have

  • Data warehousing/BI skills
  • Experience working with VMWare

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