Senior Full Stack JavaScript Architect at GitStart

Ideal candidate for this role: 

  • At least 4 years of professional experience as a Software Engineer, writing code for native applications
  • Required experience building React based apps & ES6
  • Required experience building server side apps based on NodeJS
  • Good experience building large single page frontend apps
  • Comfortable designing and implementing both internal and customer-facing API’s
  • Good grip on functional programming design patterns
  • Good grip on TDD, and writing elegant test cases
  • Experience using/building JS based tooling such as webpack, babel & npm
  • Preferable experience using JS based languages/type systems such as TypeScript/FlowType/Elm/ReasonML
  • Strong focus on product thinking and product architecting
  • Solid foundation on both backend and frontend
  • Effective communication skills (English, verbal, and written)
  • Prior experience working remotely as an effective member of a team
  • Comfortable working with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds

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