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iOS Developer at Squire (New York, NY)

  • Experience in UIKit, Core Animation,¬† AutoLayout
  • Experience in Size Classes
  • Experience building Universal Applications
  • Experience in Swift 5 or above, and has utilized key features that make the language great.
  • Experience in UIKit collections(UICollectionView, UITableView)
  • Experience building modular visual elements that work in multiple screens without repeating code/views.
  • Experience building custom transitions
  • Experience in building energy efficient animations
  • Experience with templating
  • Can produce 100% pixel perfect screens according to high-fidelity mocks.
  • Can produce 100% perfect timed custom animations according to high-fidelity animations.
  • Experience in View Debugging
  • Experience with rich and custom push notifications
  • Experience building a test-driven, shareable library
  • Experience in Networking with a RESTful API
  • Experience in concurrency and multithreading
  • Experience in Speed and Resource Optimizations using methods like pre-loading and caching¬†
  • Experience debugging Crashlytics report analysis
  • Experience in Profiling Tools like Energy Log, Leaks, Network, Time Profiler, Zombies, Allocations, etc.
  • Experience in performance troubleshooting
  • Experience with version/build release management and distribution through Automation and Custom Build scripts for many schemes and various client recipients.
  • Experience writing concise and well structured code following SOLID, OOP patterns, concurrency patterns, memory management, dependency management, unit testing.
  • Experience with analytics and a/b testing tools and concepts.
  • A can-do attitude that can hit deadlines without cutting corners or sacrificing structural integrity.

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