Backend Developer (Java) at WPS Management GmbH

What you will do:

* You will be responsible for maintaining, extending and improving the backbone of our platform
* You will work with state-of-the-art cloud applications like Google Container Engine, Google Compute Engine
* You will design and implement microservices to be deployed with Docker and Kubernetes
* You will work in close relationship with our product owner to deliver features that are loved by our clients
* You will work in a young and agile team of professionals
* You will solve existing and challenging problems for our customers
* You will write clean, scalable, maintainable and easy-to-read code
* You will work in sync with other team members, share knowledge and make suggestions for improvements

Skills & Requirements

Whom we are looking for:
* You are self-driven and proactive
* You are passionate about programming and quickly pick up new technologies
* You have experience in developing scalable, secure and error-proof backend features
* You have excellent understanding of Java backend development

* You have experience with Spring Frameworks, microservices an REST
* You are aware of performance and scalability aspects of Java
* You are willing to take responsibility for our product
* You are careful, reliable and pragmatic, always eager to find the best solutions while minimizing technical debt
* You like to collaborate with your co-workers and are interested in sharing your knowledge without developing a huge ego
* You love and live the values of agile software development and understand basic principles like test-driven development, code reviews and continuous delivery
* You feel comfortable working with UNIX environments and know your way around the command line
* Some aspects are not required but would be a plus: understanding of fundamental search engine concepts: Solr, Elasticsearch, Large data processing and NoSQL

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